121: Journey To Freedom – Love Of Pillow

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Going by my past journey, I am not certain where life will take me, what turns and twists will happen; nobody knows where they will end up. As life changes direction, I’ll flow with it.

Luckily for me, the part of money i brought from wardrobe was the part where the 500 Euro notes were.
I already knew how many pieces of them i had in total; it was 11.
I didn’t need to count them but the problem was with the 200s. I didn’t know exactly how many of them there.

Like a courageous person, i pulled out the 500s and handed them over to Aunty Sharon. As she took and started counting, i started counting the 200s.

“44, 45, 46. This one is complete, nothing is missing. If that one is 11, then everything is complete.” I said.

I wanted her to believe that i recounted the money just to make sure nothing was missing.

“Yes, this one is 5500 Euros” Aunty Sharon said as i handed the 9200 Euros to her.

I told her that the total money was 14700 Euros. I said it out loud for the girls to hear so that if trouble emerged later, they would be my witness.

As soon as Aunty Sharon left the room, i sat on the bed near the outer pillow where i hid the half part of the money.

The pillow was still arranged as it was when i left.

“You are not sleeping on the bed, its for two people. You will carry the small bed on the wall and sleep on the floor” Loveth said as she pointed to an 8inch mattress standing on the wall.
It was exactly the size many girls used to sleep with men inside the bushes around the Domitiana way.

Without saying a word, i carried the pillow and walked to where the mattress stood.

I pulled the mattress down, untied it and spread it on the floor, then i threw the pillow down on it.

While holding the pillow, i had stylishly touched every part of it to check if the money was still there; it was.
I felt it exactly where i left it. The girls had not seen it yet.

As i lay down on the mattress, i wondered how i was going to go about the money inside the pillow. It would be difficult to bring out the money without the knowledge of the two girls. The electric bulbs overhead were blazing hot, the entire room was illuminated like a Stadium in the night.

“Where did you get all that money?”

The question jolted me from my reverie.

“What?” I said.

“The money, where did you make all that money. I have never seen such big money” That was Loveth.

“Its not mine” I said.
There was nothing else to say to them except to deny that the money belonged to me.

“I have never seen you here” She continued.

“Then you must be new in Castel Volturno” I chipped.

My head was exactly on the money inside the pillow, reassuring me that it still belonged to me.

“I have spent two months in Castel but i have never seen you” She said.

“Loveth leave her alone” the other girl said.

I didn’t know her name yet and i wasn’t interested in asking. I was the one with all the money, Therefore if anybody was going to introduce herself, it must be them and not me.

“Its Ok. I worked here in Domitz before going to take asylum in Milan. I returned from Milan this morning. But i will be going back” I said.

I wanted them to first of all, know that i was not In their room to stay.

Women were very territorial and since i didn’t start living in the room with them from the beginning, it was only a matter of time before they let me know that it belonged to them. Somehow, they already knew that i didn’t belong to their Madam. I was also sure that Madam Sharon didn’t explain anything about me to them.

“Where is Milan, i never heard that name before” Loveth said.
She was on the bed which was about two feets above the ground where i was.

“It is another city in Italy here but in the North. There is too much money there and it is better than Castel Volturno, even Napoli” I said.

I wanted to buy more respect from them as someone who had seen the money. I was sure it would work because they already saw the money with me. Ever since the money was discovered in the wardrobe, they started regarding me as superior. They were just new in town. I didn’t know how they came to Europe but i didn’t see or know them when i worked in Domitiana way like every other Edo girl.

As we discussed further, they asked more about Milan. Loveth wanted to know if i would take her to Milan. She didn’t even know that i didn’t have anywhere to run to at that stage of my career as a prostitute.

I had involved Max because i felt that he could accommodate me after i must have paid for my freedom.
I was sure Aunty Philo would throw me out of her place the moment money entered her hand.
My only confidence was that some money would be left with me after i must have settled with Aunty Philo. If things got out of hand, i would simply rent a room for myself and buy things.

Sleep eventually came and swept me away.

I woke up early and touched the spot where i left the money, it was still there. Not that anyone could have taken it. It was impossible for anybody to take the money while my head was on it. Secondly, nobody knew that there was money in the pillow.

“Maria come” I heard the voice from the sitting room, it was the unmistakable voice of Aunty Sharon.

Here we go! I wasn’t going anywhere without my pillow.

I awkwardly picked up the pillow, held it to my chest like a pet and walked to the sitting room.

“Are you still sleeping, why are you still with the pillow?” Aunty Sharon asked.

“Aunty sorry, i was tired from yesterday, so i slept for long” I said.

“Its OK. What time is your boyfriend coming?”

“I will call him now and find out” I said as i searched for my phone.
The phone was inside the room. It meant that i would have to return to the room to pick up the phone and it also meant that i would have to take the Pillow back to the room.
It would be expected that i keep the pillow in the room when i return to get the phone.

My head was spinning very fast over what to do.

I got up and carried the pillow with me back to the room. After picking my phone up from the bed on the floor, i returned to the Sitting room with the Pillow.

“You like this Pillow too much” Aunty Sharon said and laughed.

Only if she knew why.

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    Maria suppose to tell Madam Sharon how she like holding teddy bears. So,she’s holding the pillow in replace of the teddy bear in order for her not to suspect anything + I still don’t trust that woman with the way she collected the money from you the previous night.

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