38: The shocking visit

”Hi baby girl, having a nice time” I said. They both scrambled back into their cloths.
” You dont respect people’s privacy” Emmanuel shouted. His accent was Swahili; Kenyan, Ugandan or Rwandese.

I threw the flower in my hand down at their feet and turned back. Tears were already flooding my eyes, I didn’t want her to see me cry. She didn’t deserve my tears anymore. I was supposed to be her Hero and not a weeping boy.

I left them and walked back to the field in the park where the football match was going on.
My heartbeat had increased. It was difficult to concentrate on the match or even on anything. I was doing a hard job trying to control my heartbreak and anger. It was difficult for me to stay there, therefore I walked out of the park to the road and boarded a bus back to the Bremen Central train station. The ICE (Inter City Express) train going to Berlin was coming in twenty minutes. I sat down on the metal chairs on platform 6 where the train would stop and waited. Ten minutes later, Jennifer came and stood in front of me. She was crying. The Emmanuel guy followed her to the station but kept his distance from us.
Jennifer cried and talked at the same time. He was blaming devil for what happened. I wasn’t paying attention to what she was saying. I was thinking about where else to go from there since I had also wanted to visit the HEIMS in Bremen to see if I could open up a business in any of them. It was obvious that I couldn’t negotiate any business in my state of mind, I just had to go back to Berlin.

The train arrived two minutes late. I stood up and entered the train without saying a word to Jennifer. She had been begging and promising that it would never happen again. I didn’t care. I wanted to leave Bremen and that was what I did.

I got back to Berlin and pondered over what happened in Bremen. It was like a movie. I wished it never happened, I wished I never went to Bremen. I wanted the whole thing to become a dream. I just wanted to wake up and smile but when I pinched my skin, it pained me. It wasn’t a dream.
I had planned to spend tthree days in Bremen going around looking for HEIMS where I could convince people to start buying from me. I had planned to take Jennifer out on each day and shop for her too. I had traveled to Bremen with €1000, I wanted to spend €500 on her, €200 on hotels and the rest on transport, food and miscellaneous.

I laid on the bed for hours and shed tears.
Joe was concerned. He had left for Hessenheide park to sell weeds and when he returned, I was still on the bed. My phone rang for hours but I didn’t touch it. I didn’t want to talk to anybody.
I just laid there on the bed and reflected on the Journey and the circumstances that brought Jennifer and I together, the things we had been through together, the things we had done together, the sweet kisses, yea the same lips I saw on Emmanuel’s mouth.
It was so painful to leave her in Bremen the way I did but that was a better option than beating her.
Around 9pm in the night, I remembered that I had not eaten anything the whole day. I got up and went to the Kitchen to warm rice in the Microwave. My phone started ringing again and I decided to pick it. It was Marko. He had been calling since afternoon according to him. He had gotten a business deal to supply a kilogram of weeds to a neighbouring town called Gross Kreutz. He was expanding our empire, it was a good news but the event in Bremen suppressed every other thing.
I asked him to come in the morning. It was time to go back to business. Pushing Jennifer to the back of my thoughts was the most difficult thing I ever did. Forgiving her wasn’t going to be the problem. The problem was how to erase that scene I had witnessed up there in Bremen. The only way to feel better at that moment was to decide on what to do about Jennifer.

I scrolled down the list of missed calls on my phone, Marko 8, Bolaji 6, Johnson 1, Joe 2, Allen 3, unknown number 15.
I figured the unknown number must have been from Jennifer. Why was she calling me?. What was she going to say, that it was the devil of course. Blame it on the devil. What a shame, she couldn’t even wait until they got back into the camp. Making out in the bush in Germany while others were watching football 50 meters away. I wouldn’t have cared if I didn’t see them, I wouldn’t have known anyway but I caught them. I wouldn’t have believed if someone else told me.
Her Pullover had been removed entirely, her bra had been shifted to expose one of her bosoms, Emmanuel had removed his Pullover too. It was only a matter of time before the trousers hit the floor. My little angel had committed an offence that was very difficult to forget and instead of holding myself down with the thought, I decided to terminate the relationship. Yes, it was goodbye Jennifer and when I leave something, I hardly go back to it. I had never touched any other woman since she made her entry into my life. I had loved her like nothing else. I had been preparing the new apartment for her return. I had bought a big bag and stuffed it with ladies shoes and cloths. It was going to be her surprise gift when she moved out of Camp.

I opened my phone and removed the simcard. I added another new simcard and called my business partners to inform them of the new number. That was the end of Jennifer Ebot.
Unfortunately for her, she didn’t know where I lived.

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