118: Journey To Freedom Part 1

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“I only ask to be free. The butterflies are free. Mankind will surely not deny to Maria James, what it concedes to the butterflies”

I arrived in Napoli in the middle of the night.
There were no more trains going to Castel Volturno that night. I had friends i could call in Napoli to sleep in the places but i was afraid i could lose the money.

Max was top on the list but despite having been in his place, i didn’t know how many people that lived there. If he had other inhabitants, i could be in danger of losing the money; then everything i had done up there in Milan would be for nothing.
No! I wasn’t going to Max.

As i stood on the platform in Napoli Central Station, two ideas came to my mind. The first was to simply hire a cab all the way to Castel Volturno. It won’t cost more than 40 Euros. However, the problem was that majority of the taxi drivers were North African Semi Criminals who migrated to Southern Italy through the Sea. There has been news that they usually robbed their passengers along the road with guns.
For that reason, i figured easily that it would be even better to call Max than to use the cab. I also did not want to go to Aunty Philo with all the money. She could take it and even deny in public that i haven’t paid her. Those evil Madams were capable of doing a lot of things.

The second idea was simply to locate a cheap hotel and sleep until the day broke properly. It would cost the same 40 Euros or even less. But the problem was that they could ask for my passport. I had the ID card i was given in Venice but that was not good enough to lodge in a hotel room.
However, there were also some rogue hotel managers who accepted customers without Passports. Nothing was impossible in Europe as long as you knew where to go.

There were numerous hotels around Napoli Central, therefore i walked out and located one of them.

“Hello welcome Miss. How may i help you?” the gentle hotel reception manager said.

“Thanks, i need a cheap room to sleep for a few hours. My train just arrived the Central Station”.

He brought out a small receipt and asked for my names.
After writing down everything he needed, he said the price was 30 Euros.

Without trying to beat the price down, i opened my purse and gave him the money.

“Follow me” He said as he led me to a room on the ground floor.
It wasn’t particularly the best hotel room in the World but it was just fine. I wasn’t there to have fun, i was there to safeguard the money i had with me.

As early as 8am, i left the hotel room and went outside to buy a sim card and a new phone. When i returned, i put the old Sim card inside the new phone and copied all the phone numbers in it into the phone memory.
It took me less than two minutes to perform that task but still my phone was ringing before i could finish; it was a strange number that was not registered.

I didn’t answer it, i just finished transferring the numbers and removed the Sim card, then i added a new Sim card to the phone.

The first call i made was to Melissa. She was still sleeping when i called but when she found out that it was me, she got excited.
“Is this your new number?” She asked.

“Yes it is. Listen Mel, i am in Napoli now but i don’t want to come to Castel Volturno alone. I have something to tell you but you must come to Napoli. I am in a hotel very close to the Station. Start coming now” I almost shouted.

She said she would be on her way in a few minutes.

After speaking with Melissa, i emptied my purse to count the money i made in Milan.

The bundle of 200 Euros was complete. It was a cool 20,000 Euros which was enough to even build a bungalow house for me in Nigeria.
500 Euro notes were not many, just 11 pieces of them.
The 100 Euro notes were 31. Pieces while the 50s were just 16.
My heart beat faster as i thought about how rich i had become.

The final nail on the coffin for Ano and his friends was the new phone and the new Sim card.
It was just the old phone that connected us.

As my heart beat faster, i considered the next things to do to make sure that they never catch me.
First was to destroy the old sim card.
It was true that i had some old customers who knew me with the old number; People such as Mr. Dutch and other European customers.
I had given them the number with hope that they would contact me whenever they showed up in Italy. I particularly thought about the European customers because they never gave out their own numbers to me.
They usually took our numbers with a promise to call whenever they returned to town. Therefore it was going to be the end of the road between me and them. The only thing that consoled me was the pile of Euro notes on the table.

I would occasionally stand up and check the door to Make sure it was properly locked.

As i considered what to do next, Melissa called and said she was on her way. She asked for the name of the hotel where i was lodged but for security reasons, i asked her to call me when she got to the Napoli Central.
I lied to her that i didn’t even know the hotel name but the truth was also that i didn’t know the hotel name but i could have easily find out if i wanted to tell her.

It was difficult for me to calculate the money in Naira. I knew it was in millions but i was scared to know how many millions it was.

My parents were poor and lived in Ekpoma. There was no good house in our ancestral home and that made my dad to rent two rooms in town.

Unlike the Igbos, women were encouraged to build houses in their father’s places in Edo State.

As i watched the money, i wondered which was the first and the best to do. We needed a house back home and i was sure that with just 1 to 1.5 million naira, we would have a very good Bungalow of about 3bedroom flat.

But then there was the biggest problem facing me, which was to buy back my freedom.
Ever since Madam Philo started treating me bad, i started valuing freedom more than anything else. Before i found the money in Milan, the only thing on my mind was how to pay for my freedom.

As a result of that, i decided that the first thing to do was to pay for my freedom.


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