116: The Escape From Milan

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Chapter 116.

Inside the Milan Central Station, i had no other option than to walk to the platform where i was supposed to wait for train to Napoli.

Jacob had called again but i ignored his call. I wanted nothing to do with him again. He had managed to disappoint me when i needed him most. Whether it was intentional or not was a story for another day.

As i sat on the long chair waiting for the Train to Napoli, i called Julia. While we talked, i searched for any hint of whatever devilish plan she had.

“I called you before to find out what was happening. Where are you?” She asked.

“I am in a train station in Monza, i am going to Venice where my asylum house is located” I lied.
Monza was a Milan Suburb up North and i once used the train station there to Milan, therefore, i knew the route. I had thought about telling her that i was elsewhere but i was sure she would hear the Train sounds or even the departure bells which was the same in all Italian Stations.

“Venice, that’s good. The girl came to look for you here” She said.

I asked which girl she meant and she said it was Anita.

“What did you tell her?” I asked.

“Nothing good, just that you got sick and left” She said.

Some Ghanaians are silly sometimes.
All the Ghanaians i ever met exhibited one silly behaviour or another. I recalled what happened with Stephen back in Zuwarrah. Another silly thing happened back in Castel where we worked as prostitutes, it was also from another Ghanaian friend of mine. Now Julia again.
It was Julia who told me to run home. Why would she tell the Anita girl that i got sick and left? Why couldn’t she just tell her another lie, something like she sending me on an errand somewhere or at least anything that could have pointed her away from the apartment.
It was true that Julia hated lies and i believed a lot of Ghanaians were the same way but the truth was that the World needed lies to survive.

It was while talking with Julia that i realized why Anita and her new friends came to the apartment. I also knew how dangerous it was to tell her where i was exactly. If she was working with Anita, which i doubted anyway, she could have sent them after me in Monza or even Venice. Tracking me down in Venice would be the easiest for them. There was only one large Square known as Piazza San Marco (St Mark’s Square) in the center of the city. Almost everything revolved around there.
They were likely to catch up with me there if i had gone to Venice. Even if they didn’t, they would track me down to the asylum social welfare house where i was likely headed to.
Therefore if Anita was working with them, fine with me. They would end up chasing nobody since i was going South to Napoli.

Thirteen minutes later, the train arrived. It was the longest Thirteen minutes i ever witnessed but i managed to keep breathing like a normal human being until it arrived.
Like most people on the platform, i entered the train and sat at the extreme end.
I knew i needed a travel ticket but I intended to buy it inside the train. The moment i arrived inside the station, i had squeezed myself in between two commercial boards which did a very good job at hiding me. I knew it was dangerous to walk around looking for ticket.

It took about five more minutes for the train to get going, it was only then that i breathed a sigh of relief. I had made it. I was going down to Napoli safely and with a lot of cash which i had made in Milan.

As i sat on the moving train, i thought about what i would do with the money. Of course the first thing to do was to offer to pay for my freedom from Madam Philo. I didn’t know how much she would ask for at that moment but according to the news in town, Madams accepted between 12 and 18 000 Euros.
Even if Madam Philo wanted 20,000 Euros, i would pay her. I needed my freedom. I wanted to be on my own.

The more time passed, the money the money slipped away from the prison boy and comes to me.
Right there in the train, i had no pity whatsoever for Ano. I loved him but things changed. If we were already married or had kids, i was going to be on my own, a semi single mother, for a very long time depending on when he would be released. He could stay there forever for all i cared, after all he didn’t tell me what business he was doing until his capture. There were some kinds of business which could have gotten me involved fully as his partner, but The God i served wanted something different for me, that was why he allowed me to escape the Police and the Anita crew.

“Biglietto prego” The voice said in front of me.
A uniformed woman was standing there when i raised my head up.

“What” i returned.

“Ticket Please” She said.

“Oh, i wish to buy it inside the train” I said with a smile.

“Where are you going?” She said as she brought out the small POS ticket machine.


“Your money is 55 Euros” She said.

I already knew what was coming and also learnt from the mistake of not having money ready during the cab saga. Therefore i had  brought out a 100 Euro note and kept it alone. I knew it won’t cost more than that to get to Napoli which was about 8 Hours with the Frecciarossa trains heading from Turin and Milan down to Napoli through Bologna and Roma.

I handed the conductor the 100 Euros and collected my change and my ticket.
It was getting towards the evening already and i knew that i would be in Napoli late in the night.
The idea of possibly struggling with my belongings when i arrived in Napoli, with some rude Arabic crooks disturbed me and wouldn’t allow me to sleep. As a result, i remained awake and occasionally switched on my phone just for fun.

It was around 5pm when Jacob called again. He asked where i was and said that i could start coming to his place.

“I am fine now Jacob. I was in danger and needed help from you but its OK now. Just remain good, we will meet again someday” I concluded.

“Wait baby, i don’t understa…” he was saying when i ended the call.

I switched off the phone again.

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12 Responses

  1. solomon sly

    Mary to be candid i dont Like what u did, this was A guy that gave u shelter, food and also get u A job that u did this to, to me u dont have a conscience at all. U new can tell what this guy will do for u if u are honest to him if he come back home. I know ur conscience will be judging u both day and night.

  2. prugged

    Exactly my thought solomon,she thought she did the right thing but it’s obvious she has a bad heart

  3. Anonymous

    I don’t think paying madam philo the entire money is/was a good idea. But wait this is a story. Ride

  4. Anonymous

    Maria’s heart, like that of an average Nigerian, had been programmed for deceit, greed and sabotage.

    Ano treated you fine, left his apartment to you by trusting you with his home keys. The next woman that comes to him would not find it easy to find true love from Ano.

    Paying your madam ain’t the best of ideas.
    Good story all the same.

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