115: Get ready

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Days went by as usual. Daisy, Zainab and Maria all came to the house. Each and every one of them wanted to claim me as her own. It seemed every one of them was ready for Marriage except me.

I wondered why it was that way. I didn’t even think Daisy was matured enough for Marriage and it was the same for Zainab.
Only the idea of wearing a white gown and walking down the Church Isle clouded their minds, something I wasn’t even interested in doing.
Maria was actually more into the thing. She would educate me on how important marriage was at every given opportunity.
”When are you going back to Napoli Maria” I had asked her in one of those occasions.
She had told me it could be any moment since she had open ticket which allowed her to travel between one and three months. But for the meantime, she was more interested in dragging me down to Edo state where of course some questions would be asked over who I was to her and all those stuff. Questions I didn’t want to answer.

On A Wednesday Afternoon, the Ship carrying the Mitsubishi L300 bus was off loaded in Apapa Wharf. Sure as expected, our bus was there.
A few more stamps were needed and it required the original documents.
Jude had called Chukwudi with a Nigerian phone number a day earlier and told him that he had arrived in Nigeria. They had scheduled to meet as soon as the bus was cleared.

I called Ifeanyi and told him to come and take the Original documents the following morning. He wanted to take it on that very wednesday but I lied to him that I wasn’t around.
I had suddenly recalled that I didn’t even knew Ifeanyi prior to the Chukwudi problems. Giving him the Original documents didn’t make any security sense to me.

The following morning, I told Andrew my cousin that I needed him to do something for me. He insisted that he wanted to go to the market but I talked him down.

When Ifeanyi called, I told him to come and get the Original documents. I told my cousin that he would follow Ifeanyi to the wharf.

”Just don’t interfere. Monitor them and report to me.
Don’t tell me your air time finished. Buy atleast N750 recharge card. That would be enough” I had said to my cousin.

When Ifeanyi came, they left for the wharf. Then I called Kola and his gang to be ready. I told Baba that I was going to bring Chukwudi to Surulere later in the day.
After alerting the Kola squad, I drove to the Police Station.

The DPO asked how I wanted to go ahead since he knew that I was hiding some information from him. I told him that I would call Chukwudi to bring the bus to Surulere where I would promise to pay him up. But if he insisted that I must pay in Wharf, then we must go to him.
I also told the Police man that I had found out where Chukwudi lived. I reminded him that my international passport might still be in his house since I wasn’t convinced that he was doing anything about the Visa.

I called Jude while at the Police Station. I made him come to the Police Station where I told him that the bus from Germany could be out of the wharf the same day.

About 1pm, Chukwudi called Jude. The bus had been cleared. Ifeanyi also called Jude as we had planned, to confirm that the bus had been cleared.
My cousin called me too. He had seen them driven the bus out of its original location to a new place right inside the wharf. He also said that some men were there with the bus. I asked him to find out who those men were.

Baba had called twice but since i was at the police station, I asked him to stop calling me but to expect my call.

”Every man of action has a strong dose of egoism, pride, hardness and cunning. But all those things will be regarded as high qualities if he can make them the means to achieve great ends”

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