115: No Rest For The Hustler

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Chapter 115.

What a world!

In the confusion and fear of being caught, i forgot that there were three blue Jeans in the Wardrobe. The one where the money was hidden was in the middle.
I was about to cry when i looked up and saw the other blue Jeans.
I touched the pocket of the second one and felt the money in it before i pulled it down.

I was still carrying my hand bag, therefore i just pulled the money out of the pocket and stashed them inside the hand bag.
Apart from the big bundle of 200 Euro bills, there were some 500 and 100 notes. As i put them in my bag, i wondered why i didn’t count them the day before.

Inside my room, i picked the trouser i left on the bed and put it inside my big bag, then i took all my shoes and slippers.

As i rushed downstairs to meet the taxi driver, i wondered if there was something very important i was leaving behind.

I slowly opened the outside door and peeped. There was no suspicious person around the street and so was the taxi driver. He had driven away after promising to wait for me.

The long walk from the entrance door to the bus stop looked like it was going to take one year.
Every human being i met looked like a suspect to me. I even thought that they all knew that i had that money with me. My heartbeat increased with every step i took but i miraculously made it to the bus stop where i stood and waited forever for the cab.

I eventually flagged down a cab and entered without even telling the driver my destination. I had opened the back door and threw my bag there before settling in the front.

As soon as i settled in the cab, my phone started ringing. Rather than telling the driver where i was going, i decided to answer the call first. However, there was a small problem, the phone was inside the handbag where all the money was hidden. I forgot to bring out the phone before dumping the cash inside the bag. It all meant that i must unzip the bag, bring the money out, or at least shifted it to one side before i could be able to bring out the phone. The danger in all that process was that the cab driver would see the money.
Unfortunately, the driver was Arabic, the same set of people we were warned to always be wary of.

The good news was that the gentleman cab driver didn’t bother me, he just allowed me to say something.

“Take me to Via San Pedro” I suddenly said.

“Which one of them?” He asked.

Here we go again.

I had suddenly decided to head towards where Jacob lived. He had all of a sudden, become the only person i half-trusted in all of Italy. I knew that the street where he lived was called Via San Pedro. What i didn’t know was how many streets with that same name in Milan. There must have been many of them.

“The one near the Train Station” I said.

“Lady, there are many train stations in Milan. Can you tell me which train station you are going?” he said.

“Wait, i will call my boyfriend to tell you the area” I said as i opened the door and walked outside.

I stood on the ground and Unzipped the small handbag. At that angle, the driver was never going to see the contents of the bag.

I brought out my phone and was about to dial Jacob’s number when i saw a car stopped about 70 meters down the road. It was across the road opposite the apartment i left less than two minutes ago.
I slowly lowered myself back into the cab and closed the door. Then as i dialed Jacob, i looked towards the car that stopped and watched as two men and a lady came down, Anita was one of them.
They crossed the road and stood at the entrance door as Jacob picked my call.

“I am coming to your place now, tell this cab man the address” I said.
I didn’t even greet Jacob before giving him orders and somehow, that created a new topic that i didn’t want.

“Baby what’s the problem? Why are you coming here now? No work today?” Jacob said in almost one second.

“Just tell him, i will explain later” I said.

“I am not at home at the moment, why don’t you come in the evening?” Jacob Said.

Here we go again.

I quickly cut the call and said to the driver, “Take me to Milan Central Station”.

The driver was already becoming suspicious. Something was wrong and he knew it.

“Lady i hope everything is alright” he asked.

“Yes, just take me out of here” I almost shouted.

As we turned the cab around and headed towards Milan Central Train Station, i wondered what was next for me. The station would be the first place Anita and her friends would look for me if they were actually convinced that i had disappeared.
I didn’t know what they came to do at the apartment but i was sure they had the keys because they had opened the entrance door and walked in.

Jacob was my last hope in Milan because my Ghanaian co-worker had suddenly become a security threat to me. The way she described the 7000 Euros made me wondered if she would keep her mouth shut.
She could have decided to reach an agreement with Anita and receive some parts of the cash if they recovered it. She was an over-ambitious lady who had been singing her intentions to return to Ghana whenever she saved enough cash.
Enough cash could be any amount to her depending on what she wanted to do.
For some reasons, my mind had suddenly told me not to trust her. To even make things worse, it was her who called me when i first entered the cab.

Why was she calling? It should have been a good and caring genuine call but how was i supposed to know?

As we got closer to Milan Central Station, I decided to switch to a new plan.
I was going down to Napoli, then to Castel Volturno.

I knew many people were looking for me over there. Since i changed my phone number, i didn’t know what happened between Dr. Mark and his wife. I didn’t know if they had eventually started their divorce court case or not.
But i was sure that Madam Philo would be waiting for me with a battalion of abuses.

One thing was going to be my strength; your guess would be as good as mine.

Things were about to change again and i hoped it was for good…

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    Yea…you got the money and that is actually all this Aunty Philo wanted…you have succeeded in buying your freedom.

    But what happened to your Ani?

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