114: Nearly caught

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”Pi pi piii” The horn blared again. Maria didn’t tell me she was coming. I knew she was matured enough to understand that I had a girlfriend before meeting her but human beings are generally and naturally Jealous.
I sat back and decided not to go down and see her. She didn’t call me to tell me she was coming. It could be that she was passing by and saw my car but which ever one it was, it was better that she didn’t see me.

I picked up my two phones and switched them off, then I walked back to the window and watched her. She brought out her phone and tried making calls, then she gave up and drove away. I figured it was me she tried to call.

Later in the day, I switched on the phones and called her. She was at Ikeja where she had gone to make her hair. She said she was at my house and wanted me to follow her to Ikeja.

”My battery was dead” I had told her.
She asked if I would come to Ikeja but I declined. I didn’t know what I was going to be doing while she did her hair. I heard that hair salons were the biggest joint for gossips.

She returned some minutes past 8pm, and called me to come to her place. I took a bike and went there.
She brought out Garri and vegetable soup, we ate together. We played Ludo afterwards and talked about irrelevant things.
I told her about Chukwudi. She was angry but said that I should not have given him half of the money first. She said that she knew another guy who would help me get a visa at the French embassy.
I thanked her but told her that I needed to sort out the Chukwudi issues first.

At about 11 pm, we drove to Adeniran Ogunsanya. There was a large Suya joint where people stood in lines to purchase the meat. Maria wanted Suya, therefore we stood in a line and waited for our turn. After buying the Suya, we went inside an open bar and bought two guinness stout beer. The large speakers blared out Tuface Idibia. I wondered why our people played loud Musics at bars.
Back then in Europe, musics were played at a much lower volume to allow people to discuss their issues but In Nigeria, if you wanted to talk to your partners, you must shout at the top of your voice.

We drove home after 1 am and slept. As usual, Maria wore her stylish sexy transparent night gown that could even seduce a Reverend Father.
I wanted to tell her that I wasn’t interested in Sxs that night but when her mouth covered the tip of my joystick, my tongue got stuck in my mouth and couldn’t utter a word.
She sucked on my dicck for several minutes as I massaged the top of her vagynna.
She removed her mouth and moaned as my middle finger magically slipped into her cunnt. I twisted the finger severally before adding another finger. She moaned out loudly as the pleasure increased.
”Baby please fvckk me now” She said.
”I need a condom Maria” I said.

Since she was above the use of gold circle condoms, she would continue to provide the condoms.

She got up and removed her gown before bringing out a condom from his bag. I wondered what she kept all that condoms for but then, I didn’t need an explanation.
Maria opened a condom and quickly slipped it on my hard dicck. I had pulled down my boxers while she was bringing the condom out.

As she was about to climb to the bed again, I pulled her back and made her bend. She held the edge of the bed as her cunnt protruded from the back. Like a dog, I raised one leg and entered her through the back. The entrance was smooth and sensational.

” Aaaah, fvcvk me baby” she kept saying as I pumped in and out of her with a lot of energy. She climaxed long before I came. I slapped her fresh a.rse several times while pumping in and out.

”That was sweet” Maria said when we finished.
She removed the condom and declared that it was over for the night.
We slept together until 9:03am when I woke up.

A call had came to my phone. It was from Ifeanyi. He wanted to know the date the bus would arrive.
Since the ship left Hamburg port over two weeks before, I told him that it could be in Lagos by the end of the week.
He said the clearing process had almost finished.
Things were still on course as planned. According to him, Chukwudi and his office had invested over N150, 000 already.

After the call, I told Maria that I was going home.

She said she wanted to travel to Benin in two days time. She wanted me to go with her but I needed no second thought before declining. I told her that I was going to be busy in Lagos for another week.
I didn’t even think I would have gone with her if I were not busy. I didn’t know what she had planned and I wasn’t going to stick around and find out.
Since I started eating her food, I never did that alone. It was either she ate with me or that I found an excuse not to it.

” It is not the strongest of species that survive, not the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change”

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