114: A Time To Run

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Chapter 114.

The money was still there in the pocket.
Not that i expected it to mysteriously disappear but i had to check it again, i just had to do that before going out.

At the McDonalds, The lady whose account and name was used for my payments approached me. She was also a British person based on her accent, but black as well. I didn’t know where she emerged from, but she was there before I came to work. I knew her face.

“The Police came to your apartment yesterday to search for drugs and money. Fortunately they didn’t find any drug or money. But Jack told me he left some money in the apartment” She said.

My heartbeat increased instantly. How one earth did i not just disappear with the money? Now his main friends knew about it and they were coming to take it.

“I don’t know, i will look for it” I said.

“We will go home together after work to search for it. He asked me to keep it until he comes out” She said.

Her name was Anita, whatever that meant in any language. I knew it because that was where my salary went every two weeks. I had met with her once and the way she threw herself at Ano, i believed they were dating.
I didn’t know what Ano told her about me and i didn’t really care but my grand plan was to trap Ano down with pregnancy. It was part of the reasons why i was happy to fvck him without protection the day before. In reality, all my plans were going well until the Police invasion.

“That’s OK, we will go home together after work. When did you see him?” I said.

“This morning, i went to Milan Centrale Police Station after he called. I have contacted a lawyer for him and we went there together. Don’t worry, he will be out” She said as she disappeared.

All through the morning work, i didn’t do anything else except think. It was a bad feeling to know that the biggest money i ever touched was going to disappear less than 24 hours after touching it.
I was going back to square one because the apartment itself would be next. Mira was going to take some other things from the apartment and she might even ask me to lock the place and give her the keys. Despite not knowing her very well, i was sure she was very close to Ano.

As i worked that morning, i thought about how to simply go home alone without Anita. It would be good if i just take out the money and hide it somewhere else before she shows up. Then we would both search the place and declare later, that the Police may have found it.
When Ano comes out, i would give him the money back and tell him that i never trusted Anita.

At exactly 12 Noon, i walked to the rest room where we usually stayed during our break times.

Inside the recess room, i sat with my only friend at work. Julia was a Ghanaian, an African girl like me. She was my only friend at the workplace and usually told me stories about how she would return to Ghana to continue her schooling.

For some reasons, i decided to tell Julia about what was going on.

“Sister there is something i want to tell you. My boyfriend was arrested yesterday by the Police and i don’t know when he will come out” I said.

“Aw! I am So sorry for you. What did he do?”

“I honestly don’t know, i was just at home when they came with him, they were about five Police people” I said.

Julia, after sympathizing with me, asked what i intended to do next. She knew i lived with Ano in the same apartment. She knew everything i did with him also except the last sex we had, which i intended to tell her if not that something bigger came up.

“I don’t know Julia, i honestly don’t know the next thing to do. I found some money in his trouser pocket but one girl saw me this morning and said i should give her the money to keep for Ano. She was his friend, the one whose documents were used to receive my salaries here” I said.

“What, why would she keep it for Ano when you are the girlfriend? If i were you, i won’t give her the money. Even if she is his sister, you should keep the money for your boyfriend” Julia said.

“That’s not even the problem, the major problem is that she will return to the apartment with me after work this evening. She is coming to take the money from the apartment” I said.

Julia asked how much money i found and i told her it was 7000 Euros.

“Look Maria, it will take you more than four years to save up that kind of money based on your current salary and the truth is that a lot of things will happen between now and that four years. You are an illegal immigrant, it means that the Police will one day, invade this place because they know that some people work without legal and approved documents. Just take the money and disappear. If you don’t have where to hide, i can accommodate you until you find a place to go” She said.

“But how do i do that, the Anita girl is coming to the apartment with me this evening. She might be waiting for me somewhere near this place as we speak” I said.

She looked surprisingly at me and said, “Don’t wait for the evening, remove your McDonald Shirt and run home now. Go out through the back door, i don’t think she knows about it. Use a taxi so you can get home fast. Pack the things you need and leave those you can’t run with, take the money and run” She said.

Her speech and advice hit me like a hammer. I was supposed to have thought about that but i didn’t.

Julia was still talking when i stood up, removed my McDonald T shirt and looked once at her. She nodded at me and watched as i opened the back door and disappeared to the street.

Two blocks away from the McDonald building, i waved a cab down and gave him my address.
My heart beat faster as we drove towards our street.

“Can you wait for me to bring my bags? I want you to take me somewhere else” I said to the driver.

He pointed to the meter counter and asked that i pay 14 Euros before going anywhere. That was the amount it took us to get there.

I counted the money from my small bag and handed it to him, then i opened the front door and ran upstairs.

Inside the apartment, i rushed to Ano’s room and brought down the blue Jean where i saw the money, searched it and found nothing.

The Money was missing.

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