112: Track the bad boy

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The following morning, I waited for the man who came to install my digital satellite. We mounted the dish at the roof and searched for the channels.
I liked Eurosport, National Geographic Channel and Cable News Network.

When we finished, I drove to Maria and stayed with her until 3pm, then I went to the wharf.
Ifeanyi had told me to come before 4pm. He said most workers usually left from 4 pm.
I called him and told him where I was. He asked that I wait there while he called and find out where Chukwudi was.

Some 30 minutes later, he sent me a text message that Chukwudi was ready to go home. I watched as they both walked past where I was waiting. I Got up and followed them. My face was covered with a sports cap.
They walked out to the road and crossed to wait for a bus.
I picked up my vehicle and waited until they both entered a bus, then I followed them.

Ifeanyi had claimed that he was going to Oshodi as well. I followed them.

A message came to my phone, it was from Ifeanyi. He wrote that Chukwudi would stop at Charity Bus stop, but to eliminate suspicion, he himself would stop at Toyota.
After reading the message, I overtook their bus and headed towards Charity. I had driven past them at Cele Bus stop. I calculated the time they would get to Charity and put it at the minimum of 20 minutes. As a result, I moved faster and climbed the Toyota Bridge that went to the Airport. Then I diverted right immediately after the bridge and crossed over to Afariogun street. I packed my car at Afariogun and hired a bike.

The bike man was Igbo, therefore it was easier to tell him what I wanted him to do. He drove me to Charity Bus stop and we waited for Chukwudi across the road.

I had told the bike man that someone was owing me some money and that I wanted him ( the biker) to carry the man to his house and find out where he lived. The prize for the job was N1000 according to the biker. I agreed.
I told him that I needed to alert one or two more Bikers to make sure we got Chukwudi.

The first bike man consulted two more of his colleagues.
I promised the two N500 each for them to wait for Chukwudi. They agreed to.
Money had a way of making things so easy.

There! Chukwudi had just stopped across the road. I pointed at him to the first bike man, who also alerted his colleagues. Like a planned deal, three of them drove to the edge of the road and waited for Chukwudi to cross the Highway.
He crossed and entered our trap. He entered our bike.
It wasn’t the bike of the first guy but it was our bike.

They headed to Mafoluku road through Afariogun as we followed them. The third bike man had followed the first one, though he was running empty. My own bIke followed them at a considerable distance behind.

Ifeanyi called me and I told him to wait for me at the Charity bus stop.

”Drink Gulder on my account, I will be back soon” I had told Ifeanyi.

We got to Mafoluku road and diverted left, then right off Mafoluku road to a street called Daodu. Chukwudi stopped in front of a house and entered inside.
I asked my Biker to return to Mafoluku road. A few seconds later, the other two bikes met us where we stood along the road.
I settled them and they left. I also settled my own biker. He wanted to stick around but I needed to work alone.

I walked back to Daodu street and sat in a dirty noisy bar down the road facing where Chukwudi had entered.
They sold Fried Chicken meat and beer.
I waited with a bottle of stout.
I had asked the owner of the bar where I could urinate. She had shown me a dirty gutter at the back of the bar. The edges of the gutter led to Mafoluku road as well.

About 30 minutes later, Chukwudi came out. He had changed cloths which confirmed that he lived there.

I watched him walked towards me…

”Madam how much is your money” I said fast, as it became obvious that Chukwudi was heading towards the bar.

Before the woman finished saying ‘N200’, I handed her a N500 note and told her to get the change while I urinate. I walked face down towards the gutter as Chukwudi came into the bar and asked for a bottle of Star beer.

I walked to the gutter and urinated but instead of going back to get my change, I walked straight out to Mafoluku road, hired a bike and went back to Charity bus stop where I met Ifeanyi. We settled his bill and I gave him transport money to go back; although he followed me to Isolo bus stop before stopping.

”It is a great act of cleverness to be able to conceal one’s being clever”

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