112: News And The Police Invasion

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Chapter 112.

My phone revealed that it was Jacob who called while i was with Ano in the bathroom.
Thanks to the white men mentality, Ano never cared about the people who called me.

I had talked with Jacob the day before and promised to visit him on that Sunday after Church. But after the Marathon sex with Ano, i wasn’t going anywhere near any other man that day, i was no longer a prostitute.

I was sure Jacob was going to demand for sex. I wasn’t sure if i was going to turn him down. He had helped me on the past and he liked me very well. I believed the least i could do for him was to pay him with sex at some distant intervals as long as i was able to keep it hidden away from Ano.
The first time i thought about the idea, i fought with my conscience over whether it was a good idea or a bad one. But i was just another girl out there battling the virus of multiple lovers. Almost all of us did it especially when we were not married or engaged.

Despite Ano not caring much about my external life, i was still wary of some discussions in his presence. Jacob was an Igbo Guy, it made it difficult for us to use any other Nigerian Language except Pidgin. Pidgin itself was a clear variation of Queen’s English. Any clever man who paid attention to it would definitely pick up some coherent sentences.

Suddenly and luckily for me, Ano announced that we were going out to a bar to celebrate the AC Milan win over Inter Milan.

“Baby i am tired. Please go alone” I said.

After a light persuasion, he gave up and walked outside.
Then i called Jacob.

“Baby, i have been calling to know if you are still coming” Jacob said as soon as he answered the call.

I knew he was expecting me and i also knew that if i didn’t visit him that Sunday, he would have to wait for another one week before getting the chance to see me. Even at that, the upper Sunday was not even guaranteed.
Unfortunately Ano didn’t work on Sundays.

“I am sick” I lied.
There was nothing else to tell him.
He might have even known that it was just an excuse but unfortunately, there was nothing he could do.

“I am sorry about that, why not send me your address so i can come to see you” He said.

Here we go! I didn’t cover that one.

“Jane listen, the woman who owns the apartment is home. She is a very hard hearted woman and would throw me out if i invite any man here. I will come next Sunday” I said and stopped.
There was no need saying much because the more statements i made the more i was likely going to complicate issues.

“Next Sunday is very far. I miss you everyday and you know it” He said.

I told him that i understood what he said and asked him to just have some patience.

Right inside me, i didn’t know if the right thing to do was to go all out and tell Jacob about Ano. He was going to get hurt because  he would feel betrayed. The truth remained that he brought me up to Milan and away from the shackles of the heartless Madam Philo down in Castel Volturno. I felt he deserved more from me but the Problem was that his plans for me was unacceptable.

I felt like a hypocrite because the same plans i rejected from Jacob was currently playing out with Ano. In fact, i was the architect of the plans with Ano. I wanted to get pregnant for him. I wanted to settle down with him and have his kids.
Perhaps it was because i found him more stable than Jacob.
Ano had a British passport which in its own, was a massive guarantee of security anywhere in the civilized World. Nigeria was not diplomatically recognized in the World map.
Jacob himself had no Passport whatsoever, he was just an illegal immigrant like me. There was no future with him and the worst of all was going to occur with our children.
They were definitely going to inherit our immigration status. The Italian Government were never going to hand their International Passport to a child born by two black illegal Immigrants. Things never worked that way anywhere.

I felt bad for Jacob but then i was not to be blamed because i was struggling to make life easier for myself.

Before we ended our phone conversation, we agreed to meet the next Sunday. Jacob had asked that he come and see me at the McDonalds but i declined.

After the call, i picked up the remote control and flipped through the TV Channels. Nothing good was showing anywhere except some local stations speaking Italian Language.
The only two English Channels were BBC and CNN. Both were as usual, telling the World what was happening everywhere in the World.
CNN was showing some news cuts about Nigeria, therefore i decided to stick on it.

A new President had been elected the year before. CNN was telling the World how the man was in Prison and how he was nearly killed by one military ruler before he suddenly died.
I didn’t like Politics but there was no better thing to do.
After the brief introduction of Obasanjo, a clip of an interview with him by one CNN representative was shown.
Obasanjo was narrating how he intended to do this or that when it happened.

The door bell had started ringing and since Ano had his own keys, I decided to ignore the bell.

After three more rings, i decided to call Ano.
His phone rang without anyone taking it.
I sat and wondered what was going on. The CNN was still saying something about Obasanjo but i lost concentration.

Then as i was about to stand up and check if Ano properly locked the door, i hear some noise on the keyhole. Fear gripped me instantly and as i tiptoed back to where i was sitting, the door flung open and behold, four Polizia Officers and Ano himself walking into the apartment.

My first thought was to thank God they were not burglars. I couldn’t imagine myself in the apartment with thieves. They were definitely going to rape me before leaving since i was on an almost transparent gown which i had used to seduce Ano earlier that day.

A police man said something to me in Italian but i didn’t say anything, then he asked if i knew English or French.

“I speak English Sir” I said out of panic.

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