111: What If I Get Pregnant For Him

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Chapter 111.

I wasn’t initially good at sucking a Man’s dick but i learnt it that day.
Ano had pulled down his boxers and exposed an already standing manhood that was yearning to go inside of me.
I had grabbed it with one hand and massaged it smoothly, then i put my mouth on it and started sucking. He moaned and cried out while standing opposite me. I was on my knees, all naked, with two firm boobs dangling on my chest.

The excitement and pleasure of sucking my vagina was still having a big effect on my body as i sucked him hard.
I would pour some saliva on the dick and sucked on it. I would look up to his face occasionally to check how he felt. Sometimes, his eyes would be closed while other times, he would be starring down at me with enormous pleasure.

Another three minutes of blow job and it was time for the big one.

He held my hand and brought me up from my knees, then he sat on the sofa and asked me to sit on his laps while facing him.

I did what he said and watched as he pulled me gently and slowly towards his standing manhood.

Due to how i spread my legs apart on each side of his own legs, the entrance door to my honeypot was wide open.

As the tip of his manhood searched blindly for the entrance and brushed on my pubic hairs, i moaned out with pleasure.
I guided his manhood slowly into me as he started lifting my hips up and down slowly.

None of us talked about condom.
It had flashed on my mind once but i also prayed that Ano didn’t remember it. The truth was that he was my boyfriend already. How we met each other was no longer relevant.
I had been secretly praying that we started doing it without protection and my prayers were being answered at that moment. I wasn’t a man but i knew that they enjoyed sex more without condom.
The walls of vagina were always slippery and added moisture to the sides of a manhood. The moisture were better felt without condom and that was how nature intended Things to be.
Rubber were invented for protection though but inside my mind, i felt that i should be no longer protecting myself from Ano. He was a gentleman and if it meant getting me pregnant, i wouldn’t care. It would actually be a very good news for me because that meant goodbye to prostitution for a very long time.

A minute and half into the sex, Ano got tired of lifting my hips up and down. It was my time to help out. From the position where i sat, i pushed him back on the chair and knelt down on the sofa while maintaining the position of our private parts.
After getting the best position, i held the top of the headrest on the sofa and started bouncing up and down.
He immediately grabbed my boobs and started yelling with pleasure while i faced him.
His large manhood squarely covered every space in my vagina as i bounced up and down. We moaned simultaneously as the pressure increased.

I was thinking whether to ask him not to pour his sperms inside of me or not when we both busted into each other.

I collapsed on him and stayed there While we both breathed hard as if we had pushed a trailer.

We stayed the same way for a minute before i got up and sat beside him.
He started kissing my lips slowly as he whispered some inaudible words. My left hand was around his neck as we kissed and maintained our position.

When our strength returned, we went into the bathroom and started cleaning ourselves.
I washed and cleaned my vagina as i watched his manhood standing up again.

A second trial won’t hurt anyone of us and as a result, i grabbed and started sucking on it again.

Less than a minute later, it returned to its full strength.

I held his manhood as we climbed out of the bathtub. I held the edge of the tub and exposed my cunt through the back.
I felt the manhood as it entered inside of me from the back.
He held my waist with both of his hands and started pumping me from the back.

I cried out in pleasure but he continued what he was doing. He was standing while i was bent to support myself with the edge of the bathtub.

We both heard my phone ringing inside the Sitting room but ignored it. It didn’t matter who was calling me at that very moment, i wasn’t going to abandon that pleasure just to find out who was calling me. It could have even been one of the Southern Devils who wanted me to remain a prostitute until i die.

Ano kept pumping in and out of me until i felt that sweet warm liquid inside of me, then i knew he had released inside of me again.

When he pulled out his manhood and smiled at me, i wondered how wonderful life would be with him as my husband.
I knew we were from different places but i also knew that nothing was impossible when it came to love matters.

Right there, i wished that the Sperm turn into a baby. I was sure a baby would bind us together forever or at least for a very long time.

After taking our bath together, we returned to the sitting room and wore our clothes. It was time to eat also because we had managed to skip food since the morning of that day.

“Tell me what you want to eat” I said to Ano.

He said he wanted rice which was also OK for me. I wanted us to eat together. We had just entered into each other without any kind of protection. The entire sperm from the two rounds of sex were inside of me. It made me feel special and loved.

While boiling rice in the kitchen, i wondered what would happen if i became pregnant for him.

Would he accept it or not? Are we prepared at all?
What about marriage? In as much as i wanted to marry him, i couldn’t propose to him. It was his duty as a man to do that.

What about going to Nigerian to see my people? Culture demanded that he did that, whatever culture he came from must have also recognized that a man should go to a woman’s place for proper introduction. But then there were too many barriers between me and my dreams.

I had no papers to travel to Nigeria with him even if he wanted to go and see my people.

It was just a dream and a wish but somehow there was hope at the back of my head.
I knew something could happen later on.

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