110: Call him

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On my way back from Alaba, I called Daisy and asked if she was free. She was. I went to their house and picked her up. We drove to Adetola. She was impressed with the new place. Unlike the red rugs in the first apartment, there was floor tiles in the new one. The kitchen had been equipped with Maxony cupboard and wall raft. The rooms were a little bigger than the old one. Instead of one bathroom, there was two. The master bedroom had its own bathroom and toilet.

We spent the entire day together and I drove her back to Ojo in the evening, I stopped her at Alakija and asked her to use bike down to her house. I needed to turn around before the unpredictable Lagos gridlock would keep me on the road for hours again.
BMW didn’t know how to cope with hold ups. My car would start to over-heat as soon as it spent an hour on any hold up. It was a 2.5 power sealed 6 cylinder/plugs engine fit enough to power mercedes 911. I wondered why the Germans decided to use such engine in a saloon car.

(I guess it explained why I still use the car up till today. The balance is great. I could do a sharp bend on 120km. Something I tried with my 2005 Lancer V-boot and found myself in a gutter.)

I got home that evening and watched a video of Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior. They were hitting each other with anything at sight. It wasn’t interesting, I preferred cable TV but the satellite had not been connected.

A call came to my phone. It was from Ifeanyi. He had given the bill of laden to Chukwudi.

I called Jude and told him it was time to call Chukwudi again. He had called him a day before and told him about the L300 bus coming from Berlin Germany. He had used his German T-MOBILE simcard card which worked in Nigeria but at a double charge call rate.

After ten minutes, Jude called back. According to him, Chukwudi had agreed to clear the bus. He said Chukwudi needed only N20,000 advance fee. They had agreed that the rest of the money would be paid when he returned from Germany in two weeks time.

It was all working out. Atleast Chukwudi would have enough time to give excuses on why the Visa didn’t come out. But if he got the Visa, I was ready to give him more than we agreed but I doubted he would get the Visa. Genuine people didn’t shout at their customers.

Maria called and said she was on her way.
Maria was fast becoming my unofficial wife. If I didn’t sleep in her house, she would sleep in mine. The fun of relationships such as the one I had with Maria was if we see each other at intervals, not everyday.
If she kept coming the way she was doing, it was only a matter of time before we got bored of each other. Then next thing would be finding silly excuses to quarrel and the eventual separation.
Well, I braced up for such occurrence but I needed Maria. I was going back to Europe and I needed every contact I could get outside Holland. She knew drug dealers in Napoli and some other Italian cities. I was sure she knew people in Roma, Milan and Padova as well, There was a large concentration of Nigerians in Napoli, Milan, Roma (Rome) and Padova.
I would play with her as long as she was around. I knew she would travel back soon. She had shown me her international passport which had Spanish resident permit in it.

I asked her to come, as if I really had much options.

”The supreme issue involving all the others, is the encroachment of the few upon the rights and freedom of many”

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