110: Saved by the Thugs

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People started filing out towards the exit where the Cops looked them up one after the other.
They would stop whoever they wanted and ask a few questions.

Their Search was narrowed down to Black Males only. Then it was narrowed down again to between 25 and 35. The criteria exonerated all black males below 25. Not that they knew for sure how old anybody was but that was how they worked.

I saw the other three security agents urging people to move faster towards the exit, i joined them.

“Vasten Vasten” four of us said over and over again as we urged the other people to move towards the cops who were questioning some people one by one.

Some minutes later, it remained just four of us behind. We didn’t go out immediately, we remained behind and piled up dirts left over in the field by some spectators.
With a small white nylon bag in my hand, i picked water cans, papers and every other thing that didn’t belong to the field. Like the other security agents, i wasn’t interested in looking at the cops.

We were just four black men, employed to do the dirty jobs and get the lowest payment.

By the time i raised up my head to look at the exit, the police were already leaving. We waited until the last of them left before we took our dirty bags and walked out as well.
The security agent who gave me the uniforms locked the entrance gate and motioned me to follow them.

We walked to where his car was packed, threw the bags inside the big dustbin sitting opposite the park.

We all removed our security uniform and then stuffed it into its bag. He then threw the bag that contained the security clothes inside the car trunk and asked me to enter the car as others have done.

I entered the back seat and closed the door.

“Who are you?” The guy sitting with me at the back asked.

“First of all, i want to thank you guys for saving me. I am not a criminal. I was being chased by some Ghanaian guys and i had to jump down from the Strandvliet Platform. The train driver who saw me called the cops. I am sorry for putting your jobs on the line” I said.

“Its Okay, don’t mind those white bastard cops. We won’t let them take you” He said assuredly as if there was anything he could have done if the cops found out i was the guy they were searching for.

“You will buy us drinks” The driver of the car said.

I smiled. “Drinks, that’s no problem.”

“One of their cars is following us, don’t look back” The driver said, he was the main man who saved me from the beginning.

We connected the road that came out under the stadium and headed towards Bulewijk; the police car continued to follow us.

“We go to Gein” The driver said.

Gein was reputed to be the most violent part of Bijlmer. It was rumoured that the Suriname inhabitants had in the past, killed over four white Police officers in that part of town.
As a result of that fear, the Police department were warned not to venture into that part of town in the night without adequate reinforcement. We got to Gein Metro Station and diverted behind the gym house. They drove past and didn’t stop.

“Bastards” One of the Agents fumed.
The anger in his voice could easily be felt, it even scared me a bit.
It was true that they saved me but our union was already getting to a point where i wanted to leave them.

We all got out of the car and entered a bar where they also have Snooker boards. Everyone there was Suriname except me.

Another danger alert!

Some young girls, aged between 15 and 20 wore skimpy skirts and danced to a song that i couldn’t understand.
How i didn’t know such place existed there baffled me.

As we settled down in one round table, two of the skimpies walked seductively to us and asked what we would want to drink.

“Heinecken” one said.

“Wait, do you have a bottle of Hennessy?” I asked.

“80 Euros with two red bulls” one of the girls said.

I nodded for her to bring it.

One of the guys with me shook my hand, he was obviously happy that we were going to do Whisky instead of beer.

A minute and half later, our drink arrived on our table.

“Money” the girl who brought it demanded.

“I give him money, he give you” I said as i pointed to the main guy who saved me.

The problem was that i stuffed all my money inside the wallet. I didn’t want to bring out the wallet and expose the cash. Those guys, despite helping me, could attack me later, especially on my way home.

After taking a sip of my own hennessy, i asked where the toilet was.
They pointed it out to me.

I excused myself and walked to ease myself. Then inside the toilet, i took out 200 Euros and put them inside the Jean pocket.

Thirty minutes later, I announced that it was time for me to go.

I brought out the 200 Euros and kept it on the table.

“Use the change to buy more drinks if you need it. You guys are the best and i will never forget what you did for a brother today. Give me your phone numbers” I said to nobody in Particular.

They all brought out their phones and called out their numbers for me.
I switched my phone on,  wrote and saved them one after the other until all three of their numbers were recorded in my phone book.

I promised to call them and stood up.

“If they disturb you again, just call us” One of them said.

Alcoholic talking.
So he thought it was a good idea to fight the cops. No wonder they always found themselves in prisons all over the Country.

One of them escorted me outside where i picked up a Snoda and asked the driver to take me to Weesp. I didn’t want to mention Almere to the hearing of the Suriname guy.
I knew that the same road led to Weesp and Almere, it was just to add more money for the driver.

On my way back, i called Robin and told him that i escaped the Police net. He was happy i saved him the stress of taking care of the girls.

I got home and unlocked the general door, then walked up and entered into the apartment.

My concubines were watching a Nigerian Movie together; but only Queen was bold enough to hug me.

She was scared.

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