110: AC Milan And Love Making

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Chapter 110..

Life went on with Ano and somehow, we started making love without protection. It had become clear to him that he was the only man in my life. It was true that it was almost impossible to monitor women but he knew the time i went to work and the time i closed. He was part of my system already.
As a result of all that, he started trusting me more.

It all started on a Sunday. We both didn’t go out to work that day and when i returned from the Ghanaian Church not far from where we lived, he was sitting in the sitting room watching a football Match between AC Milan and Inter Milan. I didn’t know much about football then but the atmosphere outside made me wondered what was going on.

“Baby which team are you supporting, Internazional or AC?” he had asked.

I had bent down to take off my high-heeled Shoes and at the same time asked, “What is AC and Internazional?”

From his loud laughter, i knew that i didn’t know what he expected me to know. Men were too interested in football and sometimes, i wondered what they saw interesting in it but then i was interested in dancing and i was sure some men didn’t like it either.

“Do you mean you never heard about AC Milan?” He said after having his laugh.

I wanted to tell him that i didn’t care but since i was almost living on the edge, i censored most of the things i said to him.
‘I don’t care’ sounded offensive to me and it could have been the same with Ano.
In a bid not to be ejected from the beautiful and comfortable apartment, i had decided long ago that i won’t Say or do something that could annoy him, at least intentionally.

“I think i have heard that name but i don’t know much about football” I lied.

He said he supported AC Milan. I wished him goodluck and proceeded to the room with my shoes in my hand.

After changing the clothes, i went to the kitchen and brought apple fruits from the fridge.
I returned to sit beside Ano and started eating my fruit. I would cut a small pieces and put in his mouth while his full attention was on the Television.
His mood changed when the team in black and white striped shirt scored a goal. He refused to eat more apple and i allowed him to mourn with his team.

Some 10 minutes later, he shouted ‘goal’.
His excited face beamed with laughter. As i looked at the TV, i saw people jumping up on top of a black man who had apparently scored the goal.

“Baby Who scored?” I asked. It was time to engage him again.

He mentioned the name of the man who scored. From then on, we stared chatting. He was giving me football knowledge lessons. I became interested in his lessons out of my fears of what he might do rather than the football itself. But then, i had always known that some sacrifices must always be made to make some things work in our favour.

By the time the second half of the match finished, The team in Red shirt had scored two more goals and won the match.
I was happy for the winners just because Ano was happy and the whole thing eventually turned into Love making.

Ano had suddenly turned around and started a kiss. That was something he hardly did, i was usually the initiator of kisses and love making but out of what seemed to be the joy of the Football result, he had turned and started a kiss.
I responded immediately and as soon as he grabbed my boobs, i threw my apple on the floor and followed his lead.
We kissed and touched each other passionately until the heat built up, then he removed my clothes and started sucking my boobs one after the other.

I moaned and caressed his back gently until he gently pushed me down on my back. Then his mouth slowly moved from the boobs down to the stomach. As he moved his mouth down slowly towards my Vagina, i prayed that he didn’t stop. I prayed that he continued down to my honeypot. I had been yearning to get that service from a man ever since the last person did it. I had prayed that Ano did that one day because our relationship would be stronger if he did that. Sucking on my clitoris was what i liked, however it was something i couldn’t tell Ano to do. Some men didn’t like doing that and i had already assumed that Ano didn’t like it either but for the first time in a long time, my wishes came true.

I closed my eyes as his tongue slowly passed my belly button. I felt him spread my legs wider to be able to accommodate his big black head.
My cunt opened up and greeted him.

“Gawd don’t let him stop now”
I prayed in my mind and at the same time, i felt his lips and tongue scratched on my wet cunt, then i stopped my prayers and started moaning.

It had happened finally and at that moment, i knew that Ano had come to stay in my life.

“I love it baby” I said between pleasure and more pleasure.

He would stick his tongue into my cunt and twist it for several moments before pulling it out. Then he would grab the side of my cunt with his lips and attempt to pull it out slightly. I was in Heaven and hardly concentrated on anything.

Ano continued licking my vagina for over five minutes. Through out that period, i moaned and spoke in tongue. I held his head firmly to encourage the act. He knew that i liked it very much.
At a stage, i sat up on the edge of the chair and watched as he continued what he was doing. He was almost like a professional. I didn’t know when i eventually spread my legs wider apart but i felt his tongue inside of me as he shook his head to make his tongue vibrate inside of me.

Five minutes later, he felt that he had done enough with his tongue. He put two fingers inside my cunt and turned them carefully. His fingers scratched the walls of my cunt and made me want his manhood inside of me immediately.

“Baby please, do it now” I begged him.

He wickedly looked up and smiled at me. He knew i was in misery and that the only way to save me at that moment was just to put his manhood inside of me and start digging.

Then i watched him stand up and pulled down his boxers. His hard manhood bounced out excitedly. I grabbed and started sucking it. One good turn deserves another.

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