11: The Strategic travel.

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Another reason why i wanted Alice and I out of my room was because i didn’t arrange and hid my money properly. If Alice stumbled on it, she could be tempted to run with it. I had over €12000 worth of cash in both Euro and Krona. That was a lot of money anywhere on planet earth. I had made sure that i left most of the money in Stockholm before heading to Norkoping. I had done a quick mathematics and decided to travel with Kr13,500. It was the equivalent of €1500. I knew that €1000 would be enough for two of us since we were going to send €500 to Italy.

A night in a good hotel won’t cost more than €100. I could have even gone to my usual €40 to €50 cheaper hotels but since i was with Alice, we needed to get a bigger and better place; I needed to show her that there was money to spend.


We got to Nykoping with a bus in the night and located a hotel. After paying for the room, i told Alice to go and take her bath. When she went into the bathroom i picked up her phone and went outside to get a bottle of JW and condoms. I didn’t plan to sleep with Alice, it could jeopardize my operations but things didn’t always work out the way we wanted. She could got drunk and decide to jump on me and refusing her could also jeopardize my operations. It was a two edged sword; therefore i needed to keep the condom standby since i wouldn’t like to have another sex without condom in Sweden especially with a known prostitute. The little white blondes had surprised me in Stockholm and i didn’t want that scenario playing out once more.


I returned to the room and sat besides Alice who had finished her bath and sprawled on the bed. She had a slightly large waist that would attract even the blind man. She was lying on her stomach which made her hips stand out. I didn’t hide my admiration as i stared at her hips and smiled.

“Why are you looking at my arse like that?” She said and smiled.

“Get up and drink, time for that question and its answer will come soon” i said.

She jumped up and grabbed the bottle of JW which i had just opened.

“Why do you want to bring the girl up to Sweden, do you want her to be your girlfriend?”

The questions took me unawares. It was true that i had briefed Alice on the major purpose of fighting against teenage prostitution but there was the jealous part which was in every woman. I needed to be very careful in answering her questions concerning Fatimah. Her question was the more reason why i decided that it would be better to stick with her until Fatimah showed up.

“Alice i just told you that it is time to drink. The time for question and answers will come soon, just relax” i said hoping that she won’t press further.

“Does it mean that we can’t talk while drinking?” she asked.

“Well we can talk but maybe not about serious issues like this. I don’t discuss serious issues when i am drinking alcohol” i said. She seemed to have bought that line because she stopped asking questions.

I could notice that she wanted to talk and as a result, i gulped a long sip of JW from the bottle and pushed her down on bed.

“It is time to play baby girl” Alice laughed as i squeezed her breasts. She was already getting high on the spirits.

I lay on top of her and massaged every part of her body. She did the same with me too. She held my dick tight as i squeezed her boobs tightly. Within a few minutes, she started moaning out loud. Suddenly, she pushed me back on the bed and climbed on top of me. First she pulled out her light T shirt and exposed two boobs that had seen the test of time and many hands. The boobs wasn’t as hard and beautiful as the ones i was used to but i was on a mission and not on a pleasure trip.

Alice finished removing her clothes and proceeded on mine. She first pulled out my trouser and then the T Shirt. Since i wore no under pants, my manhood stood out like an electricity pole.

In a swift move, Alice placed her mouth on the already standing joystick and started sucking fast as if she had been starved of sex her whole adult life. She pushed her mouth up and down my dick and nearly drew out sperm before i pushed her backwards and made her turned around and exposed a bushy cunt that hasn’t witnessed shaving in the past three months. I quickly opened a condom and slipped it on my manhood.

The hairs around her cunt made it almost impossible to see the opening but when i placed the tip of my manhood on it, the cunt opened up on its own and swallowed it.

I initially entered slowly until the walls of her cunt became slippery enough, then i increased the tempo and pumped away.

“Ya, ya, ya” she yelled continuously as i pumped in and out of her.

Her cunt was unexpectedly tight as i pushed in and out with a lot of energy while i rubbed her back at the same time.

Four minutes later, i pulled out and made her to lay diagonally with her back on the bed. I pulled her waist to the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide enough to expose the mouth of the cunt which was covered by some soft hairs. I threw her two legs on my shoulders and made her hips come up slightly from the bed, then i entered her slowly and continued pumping from where i stopped.

She yelled as i digged in and out for several minutes before the hot sperms jumped out into the rubber.

I slowly put her legs down and went into the bathroom to remove the condom. When i came out of the bathroom, Alice was till very naked and sprawled on the bed.

“Do you still want to know know why i want the Italian girl up here or do you want us to do it again?” i asked.

Let us do it again first and may be we will talk about her later” She said with a smile.

“Then start working on the big boy to stand up once more” I said as i sat down near her and started massaging her arse again. Her hands jumped on my manhood and she started squeezing it. We continued our foreplay for minutes until my joystick returned to the action mode.

I opened up another condom and put it on my dick, then i lay on my back and asked Alice to mount me. It was her turn to use her energy.

As she slowly swallowed my dick with her cunt, i grabbed her boobs and squeezed away.


“If you get up one more time than you fall you will make it through”

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  1. dejust

    First she pulled out her light T
    shirt and exposed two boobs that had seen
    the test of time and many hands. The boobs
    wasn’t as hard and beautiful as the ones i
    was used to but i was on a mission and not
    on a pleasure trip.

    “If you get up one more time than you fall
    you will make it through”

    is that a trick of seduction or luring

  2. Cheliz

    Zubby why was this site not accessible since d early hours of today?

    Akwa ibomite doing what she knows best to do.

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    nnaeeeh ozoigbondu d twists and excitements of dis story is wearing off. am tired of dis your escapades with women and whores.. bring back d good old European street life and hustling please.

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      Guy relax na only three update of escapades na him you don dey complain. All these while he has been on the run na. Abeg leave boss Zuby make him enjoy small na.

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    @tekel we should wait till he settles down in Sweden and bring Fatimah to that side of country.
    Nice update oga Zubby.

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    i knew it that you were going to flog Alice, Zubby remained that bad guy.

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