11: Blackmail – Crush Your Enemies

Four Police officers with guns stormed into the room; three men and a young woman who must not have been more than 25 years. All dressed as if they had come for war.

I didn’t shift an inch from where i was, i just lay there and looked at them as if they were not humans.

The female cop had rushed to Melissa and was helping her up while two other cops were knocking Jacob and Kenny down with the butt of the short gun.
The female cop was also making a call through her police phone and was speaking frantically in Italian. I didn’t understand what she was saying but i figured she was either reporting something to some people or she was calling for some kind of help.

One cop had closed the door and was pointing his gun towards Jacob and Kenny as they were being hit and handcuffed.

The female cop had succeeded in getting Melissa on her feet and had led her to the bathroom while Jacob and his Partner in crime were cuffed and were sitting on the floor.

Then i heard a car stopped not far from the apartment and less than a minute later, another four Police Officer walked into the apartment with an elderly woman who had apparently called them.

Mr. Tino and the captain of the new Team walked outside while others remained in the apartment.

Things were getting out of hand because two minutes later, an ambulance drove to the front of the building and packed.
Neighbours were looking.

Two female nurses rushed into the building.
While one touched me all over the body to feel my pulse, one was standing in front of the bathroom, watching as Melissa cleaned herself up.

Ten minutes after they arrived, they gathered all of us and put us into a waiting Police buses, i didn’t know when those arrived, i just saw them when we got outside.

Melissa had changed clothes while i insisted on going to the station with my sleeping trouser.

The medics had given Melissa and I some blankets to cover ourselves properly.

Somewhere along the road, the Medics and the police cars separated while the Van carrying Melissa and I followed the Ambulance.

We got to a medical facility where we were asked questions about what happened.

First of all, they asked for our names and dates of birth. They didn’t ask for passports or Identity cards, they just asked us to say our names which we also helped them to spell properly.
We had both taken asylum in Italy and the worst that could eventually happen to us was to send us back to whatever city we were supposed to live.

On my own part, i would be sent to Venice while Melissa was supposed to be sent to Genoa, somewhere in the North-West, not far from the French Border.

“Do you Speak Italian?” a nurse had asked us.

We both shook our heads and said nothing.

Another nurse who understood and spoke good English was called.
She asked us questions about whether we were hit on any part of our bodies.

I showed her the visible fingerprints on my cheeks while Melissa told her that she was kicked on her lungs.

The nurse took notes And when she was done, she wrote drugs down and gave it to another Nurse who left and returned with the drugs later.

They instructed us on how to take the pills and when they told us it was time to go, two Police officers emerged out of nowhere and asked us to follow them.

We followed them to the police station where Kenny and Jacob were sitting in small hall, giving their statements while being surrounded by mean police officers.

It was still very early in the morning but the station was full of neatly dressed police officers.

Coffee cups were exchanging hands and we got our shares too.

Inside an office, we were asked questions over what happened.

“Your Passport please” The male Police officer had asked Melissa.

Melissa didn’t say a word, she just produced her Identity card from her jean pocket.

The Police man took it from her and checked it on his computer, then he handed it back to Melissa.

“What are you doing in Castel Volturno?” He asked.

“I came to see my friend” She said.

Melissa, who is your friend? I wasn’t supposed to be in Castel Volturno either.

We had agreed on what to say to the Police because we knew we were going to answer some basic questions and according to the European system, we were apparently required to start with our identities.

“Your friend, Where is She?”

Melissa said that she traveled to Africa and would return in a month.

A sigh of relief, i thought she was going to tag me as her friend. We didn’t see that one coming.

After asking more and more questions, the police man turned his attention to me.
It was time for me to take my own questions.

He didn’t ask for my identity card or passport. He didn’t ask for any kind of introduction. There must have been something between us or he might have forgotten to ask for my identity which was obviously required by the law.
He just asked of my name before he asked me what happened in our apartment.

“I knew the fair guy for long and he has been on my neck. He said he liked me and wanted to be with me but i refused. Then he started threatening to kill me. Last night before i got home, he and his friend were already waiting for me. He said he wanted to beg me for what he did and said in the past and i believed him. We allowed him and his friend to come in and tell us what they said they came for. But early this morning, they decided to rape us. When we refused, they started beating us. They said they were going to kill us and we started shouting for help” I said as i looked the officer squarely on his face.

It was a familiar face i had seen the day before. I knew who he was. He was Officer Constantino of the Italian Police Authority who had just the day before, slept with me in a hotel room somewhere in downtown Castel Volturno.

After taking our statement, he told us to go.

“The police will contact you if required. We will charge them to court soon and if we need you to do anything, we will invite you” Mr. Tino said as we stood up and left the office.

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