11: Bad News

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Chapter 11: The Bad News

George called me to meet him in Paris Saint-Dennis the following day. He wanted me to pick up the key over there since he couldn’t bring it to me.
I asked Naomi to go back to Grigny Center before i left. Our sudden vacation to Juvisy was over.

I got to Saint Dennis and picked up the Key.
On my way back, i stopped in Gare Du Nord and went up to Mercadet. I believed there was nothing the thugs could do in an open place such as Mercadet. The French Police were usually seen walking around each metro station.
I went into a bar that belonged at an Ivorian young lady.
”Nigeriana what do i give you” the lady said as soon as i sat down.
”Give me a bottle of Guinness stout” i said.
While drinking, i called Nonso. He met me at the bar. He was a little tense when he came but i pretended not to have noticed.
After about ten minutes of his arrival, he sad, ”I heard that one man was shot two times in Bijlmer”
”Really, how does that concern me Nonso” i asked.
After few seconds of hesitation, he said, ”They said you did it”

”I called you here to check on updates about our submitted documents. I want to know if we received any letter from them. People don’t get shot for nothing, he must have done something bad” i said.
After staring at me with fear and suspicion, he told me that we haven’t received any letters.
”There are some people who don’t receive any letters before the interview. If they send letter to you, i will call you” he said.

”No listen, you sound suspicious to me. I know you submitted the documents but i am not sure you used a genuine address. You know i found an apartment after we submitted the documents. If you used a fake or non existent house address, please let us go back and tell them that i relocated. Then we can give them my address in Grigny Center. I am telling you this because if at the end of everything, i discovered that you didn’t give them a genuine address, you will be in serious trouble in this Paris. First you will give me all my money back including the ones i used for transport, then you will get punished for wasting my three months”I said and got up.
I gulped down the remainder of my stout beer and left Nonso inside the bar.

That was usually the problems with silly people. Nonso was from Ukeh in Idemili area of Anambra State Nigeria. He might have been another Igbo man looking for easy cash to grab. He had told me the amount of money he would use to execute the entire project, i had agreed and paid him without trying to beat the price down. It was a good thing that he heard some bad news about what happened to Clement. I was sure he had made calls to Amsterdam by himself, just to find out if i sold someone’s drugs and ran away to France to process my resident permit. Unfortunately that was what many people did. They had sold people’s drugs and ran away to a another Country for one project or the other. If Nonso had discovered that i sold someone’s drugs, he would have contacted the Owner in Amsterdam and told him that i was in Paris. He would have also given him my phone number and possibly, my address. The owner would have called and told me where i was and where i lived which could have triggered another running out of France or atleast out of Paris. Nonso would have found a way to get the rest of the money from me and would have supported it with one excuse or lie. He could have said that a letter was sent but i was not around to attend the interview. That was what the Edo boys did to Igbos in Europe.
Most of the Igbo boys were after money. They  would send documents and money to the Edo boys in France to submit and process for them. The Edo boys would then forge one silly receipt online and send back to them in Amsterdam or elsewhere, telling them to come for Interview in three months. Before the three months was up, they would have changed their phone numbers. Simcards were very cheap and required no identities to buy. Basically, they made their own money through scamming the money making Igbo boys. Everybody was surviving through illegal means except students and elderly people who had gotten tired of going to prison or running from the Police. Some Students even transported drugs. The young man who transported drugs from Amsterdam to Paris for me was a Nigerian student who lived in Utrecht.

”The landlord who own the address i used for you called me and said he will need another €1000 if we want him to be giving us the letters” Nonso said on the phone.
I was already in the train going back to Grigny.
”I don’t know what you are talking about. I am going to stay here for three months and after that, if i don’t go to the interview or get the documents, Europe will be very small to contain both of us” i said and hung the call.

What Nonso had started to do was the reason why it seemed that i attract trouble all the time. People were very silly. The whole thing was turning into extortion. If i had easily agreed that i would pay the €1000, he would come up with another demand again. Therefore i decided to cut the extortion line from day one.
It was true that i was already in a war but i was ready to fight in two fronts.
The war with Nonso was going to be easier since he was the one who was going to do the running while i did the chasing.

When i got home, Lisa and Naomi were playing cards. They didn’t go out.
I greeted them and walked into my room.
Few minutes later, Naomi showed up and asked if i got the key.
”No, they didn’t produce the key. They said we need police report before they can do it” i lied.
”Lisa, did you cook anything” i shouted.

”Yes, she cooked rice. Why didn’t you ask me who is standing next to you”Naomi said.
”Baby, we have been running since yesterday. I shouldn’t be disturbing you over such things as food for now” i said.
She looked suspiciously at me and went to the kitchen.
It was apparently the kind of things that was going to be happening in the house.

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  1. db

    What a read your life story has turned out to be. You’re a hustler. I’ve been following you from day 1 on nairaland and here. Thumbs up, you sure can think and analyze situations very fast. Learning a lot from ya ordeals. Keep ’em coming! >PeaceOut

  2. Lanceslot

    About to pick another battle in a city you’ve not spent up to a month? Odikwa risky. Weldon

  3. meexteeriox

    ”It was true that i was already in a war but i was ready to fight in two fronts”. Now that is the spirit of a REAL STREET HUSTLER. Life on the run tinsssss.

    Ozoigbondu 1 of Berlin……..you are carried jooooor

  4. Nche95

    Hey Zubby. Nonso is actually my brother. I’m from Ukeh in idemmili north of Anambra. Am pleading on behalf of him, gbayara biko!

    • Favouritemercy

      lol… remember that zuby forgives after revenge

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