37: The neighbours

Brandenburg was sorounded by other towns such as Rathenow, Stendal, Nauen and Tangermunde.
It was time to expand my business empire. I started visiting those satellite towns one after the other.
At Rathenow, I met with a Nigerian called Allen. Allen was an Igbo man but a Liberian in Germany. He had been looking to join the weed business in the town but the Arabs wouldn’t let him do so. They didn’t want to give him weeds to sell and he didn’t know where to get them. I had arrived in Rathenow and asked for the HEIM. I had been directed to the HEIM and I was introduced to Allen. I had taken him out into the town center and bought him a good meal and drinks. I told him that he could compete with the Arabs and even outsmart them if he had the desire to do that. After our food, we had walked to a nearby school where boys and girls were playing some sports. We had called two boys and asked them where we could buy weeds. They had told us to go to the HEIM and meet some Arab man.
We had eventually told them that Allen was the new dealer in town and that he had the best weed and sold at a cheaper rate. We had given them Allen’s phone Number. I had taken Allen back with me to Berlin and lectured him on how to start the business. I had given him 50grams as a beginner. He called two days later and said he had sold them off. He came to Berlin for more. That was how Allen started his business. In less than two weeks, the Rathenow outlet had started buying 200grams from me at a time.

I also did the same thing in Stendal. Joe, the man I met in Stendal had turned a Born again out of frustration. He had been posted out of camp to the Stendal HEIM but unfortunately, he knew nobody anywhere in Germany. He could have ran away from the town like the other Africans had done. He stayed back in Stendal because there was no where to go. When I visited him, I was like the Messiah he had been praying for. I had taken him back to Berlin with me out of pity and lectured him on how to deal on weeds.
There was a very large park called Hessenheide park in Neukoln area of Berlin. The large park was where many Africans and Arabs sold drugs in Berlin.

I had taken Joe to the park and introduced him to the business. I had handed him over to Chuma, another one of my retailers, to teach him the ropes. I had welcomed him to stay with me pending when Madam Jennifer, the undisputed landlady would return from Camp. That was how Joe started living with me.

My visit to Nauen was different. There was drug war already going on in the town before my arrival. It was similar to what happened between Africans and Arabs back in Brandenburg. Battle for supremacy. The Blacks seemed to have upper hands but the resilient Arabs were ready for blood anytime. I decided that it would be dangerous to invest in that area.
At Tangermunde, there was no asylum HEIM. The black man I met there was the most fearful man I had ever met in Germany. He had told me never to even mention marijuana in the city again. He said the police had a way of hearing even the smallest whispers. He was superstitious to the core. He worked in some vegetable farm. I left him and returned to Berlin.

A week after I had ended my empire enlargement, I traveled to Bremen to see Jennifer. She didn’t know that I was coming. I had gotten near their camp and asked a lady to call her outside for me. The lady had told me to go to a nearby park where people played. I had gone there with a rose flower I had bought for her. As soon as I entered the park, I saw some group of Africans playing football match. It was Nigeria versus Cameroun. I had asked a man where I could find Jennifer.
He pointed towards a small wood cabin and said she went there with Emmanuel. I wanted to ask who Emmanuel was but on a second thought, I decided to find out on my own. I walked to the cabin and to my greatest surprise, I saw Jennifer half nakkedd, kissing a man.

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