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The following day was tuesday. I got a call from a courier service asking if I was Azubuike. They said I had a package from Germany. I drove to Nahco complex and got th DHL. It was the bill of Lading as expected. I photocopied it inside the complex and drove to the wharf. I called Ifeanyi and handed him a photocopy of the bill. He was to call Chukwudi and hand it over to him the same day. I got home and told Maria that we were going to the beach. She jumped up at the proposal. We drove to her house and picked up her swimming gears. Not that she would swim in the ocean. The last time I was at the Lekki beach, the people who claimed to be swimming only stayed at the edge of the water and ran back to the dry land whenever the huge wave headed towards them. We got to Lekki beach before 12pm, and settled in a small thatched house. We hired the hut and two mats from a young Yoruba boy. I had brought along a bottle of wine and half bottle of whiskey. We drank as we laid down on the mats and kissed. Apparently Maria didn’t care if people were looking at us. Just like me, she had been to the European beaches and saw how they behaved. Although Lagos was not Napoli but her mindset had been altered just like mine. It all explained why I saw things differently from too many Nigerians. Not that I was better but we lived in a society where someone would drive past a red traffic light. I had been at a traffic light in maryland Lagos. The light had turned red and I stopped. A car behind me had been blaring its horn for me to drive through since there was no car passing from the other side. Apparently, the road was clear according to his own understanding. Too many things were wrong with our system. Nigerians needed serious orientations on obeying the rules and regulations.. We left the beach around 5pm. It was a mistake I regretted. There was gridlock on the western avenue. We had to wait for over two hours before we connected to Surulere through Masha. We went to Maria’s house. It was closer and even more romantic. She had decorated her sitting room with flowers. As for my own apartment, despite the obvious fact that it was new, I didn’t care about flowers, I never did. I believed that as a soldier of the street, I didn’t need romantic emblems. That was for Ramsey Noah, Desmond Elliot and Emeka Ike likes, not Pablo Escoba and Che Guevera likes. I never did much things to endear women to me. I was just myself all along. No pretence and no boasting. I was just a bold guy who would tell you that you looked beautiful if I thought you did or that you looked ugly if I thought you did. We slept in Maria’s apartment. The following morning, I went to Alaba and bought a Laptop. It was time to start playing with computers. ”Most men would rather deny the obvious truth than face it”

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