109: Permission To Live

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Chapter 109.

Life went on without much incidents except that Madam Philo became somehow insane.
She would call me on daily basis, asking that i returned to Castel Volturno in the South.

Apart from the fact that Milan is a bigger and more beautiful city, more white men and women lived and worked there. It seemed that Napoli and its neighbours were designed for immigrants.

The moment i settled in Milan, i believed that it would take a miracle to return to Castel Volturno. Everything up there in Milan was different. The roads were wider compared to what i saw in the south. I also heard that Rome was not far from there. People who had traveled well said that France and Switzerland was close to Milan too. As an immigrant. It was very good to be as far as possible from the African Territories. The Southern Italian cities were in the Mediterranean Sea which also happened to host many North African Cities. The African immigrants in the South were in more danger of Deportation back to Africa but up there in Milan, there was this sense of freedom and safety.

Things were moving well with Ano. He would return from work with one gift or the other. It was easy for him to discover that i was trying hard to please him. For that reason, he had constantly assured me that i shouldn’t be jittery.

“Baby i think you are scared of something” He had once said, “You should be yourself and live your life. I am not going to send you out of the apartment”.

I had walked to him and hugged him passionately. We were in the Kitchen where i was frying eggs. He liked eggs a lot and as a result, i had managed to make sure i make it for him every small chance i get.
He had walked in to the kitchen and asked why i was making eggs again.

“You said you will cook the African Soup tonight, why making eggs for me again?” he had asked.
He knew i was making it for him because i didn’t like eating eggs. A friend of mine had once told me that the Italian eggs made women fat and the last thing i ever wanted was to get fat.

“I will make the soup tomorrow, I am tired” I had lied.
I wasn’t tired, i was just lazy that evening.

The hug in the kitchen had turned to kisses and before we knew what was happening, our clothes were on the kitchen floor. I had managed to turn of the Gas cooker since the eggs were already done.

We were living like married couple and yet in the middle of that hot love making, i was able to flashback to how i came into his life. Just like most of the things that ever happened to me, we met by chance. I had thought that it would be a one night stand and that i would be back in the street where i belonged but one month later, we were making love in our kitchen in the same apartment where he had been living.
The best news of it all was that i was no longer a prostitute. I was free from cold streets of Italy, earning my money from McDonalds.

After the second payment, i sent 300 Euros to Aunty Philo. She received the money and said she was happy with me but that she wanted me back To Castel Volturno.
I didn’t ask why she wanted me there but i felt it was to be close to her biggest investment.
It was true that i sent her money but both of us knew that it wasn’t going to continue that way.
I had also managed to ask her how much money i had already sent to her but she said we would check when i return to Castel Volturno.

“I have a place where i write every money you gave me. We will both calculate the total when you come back” She had said.

There was no need arguing with her over that, her intentions were clear. She wasn’t comfortable with my absence.

Lilian on the other hand, had been calling and asking how business was up in Milan.
“I am not working on the street now. I found a good job in a restaurant” I had told her during our last phone conversation.

She said she would love to come up there too but that she knew no one who could accommodate her.
I told her that i lived with a man who owned the apartment and that the man would never allow me to bring in another person.
It wasn’t my only reason for telling her lies, i also didn’t want him anywhere near Ano and the apartment.
I couldn’t imagine Lilian with her slim legs, curvy hips and round firm boobs, loitering all over the apartment in some sexy short outfits. Any man would go for her without thinking twice.
Therefore to secure my unofficial marriage to Ano, i decided that nothing would make me to invite Lilian to Milan and especially to the apartment.

A day after i sent money to Madam Philo, she called again.

“I heard you are now working in a Restaurant. Who gave you permission to change jobs?” she had said.

I didn’t know how to start answering her question. I didn’t even know that i needed a permission from anybody to quit prostitution. It was funny to find out that i needed permission to stop selling my body to men for money.
Out of anger, i decided to confront her once and for all.

“I thought you are only after your money. Must i be a prostitute to be able to pay you?” I shouted.

“That’s what you came to do in Italy. Every other Edo girl did it, your own won’t be different. You must return to Castel and continue work here. I dont like…” she was still shouting when i cut the call.

There was no need asking who told her what i was currently doing. I was sure Lilian did and it must have been out of anger for my refusal to accommodate her in our apartment,
it didn’t matter to me much because their witch hunting won’t affect me. I was determined to leave prostitution and that was what i did. Madam Philo can rant forever for all i cared.
As for Lilian, it decided that it was the end of the road for us. It felt good to be in a bad relationship with Lilian because it meant that she won’t be able to disturb me again about coming up to Milan.

The immediate next plan was to change my phone number again. I was very sure that Philo would be calling everyday like a crazy woman and it won’t be ideal to take or avoid her calls while i was with Ano.

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