108:Meet Kola

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I took a cheap small Nokia phone and took a bike to Kilo. I had left my Motorola Razor and wallet at home.
I got to the bridge and called Baba. I had taken his number from the Razor and stored it in the Zain simcard on the Nokia.

I called him when I got to the bridge he had told me. He came out and asked that I followed him. I wore a short jean, a dirty T shirt and a canvas sports shoes. It was time for the slums and I needed to mix up properly.

We got to a small house beside the dirty canal and sat down.

”Them say you dey look for me, Wetin you want” Kola said.

Despite the semi darkness in the room, I still recognized him.

”I come new for this area and I want to identify with the area boys. We misunderstood each other the other day and I no like am” I had said.

He liked what I said but also said that my protection would be costing me N5000 monthly.

My protection?
The clown was even planning extortion.

”Ah Kola, The money big naa, make I dey drop like N2000” I had said.

”Wo, I look like your mate abi. If you no fit pay N5000, just comot here” he shouted.

I agreed to be paying Kola N5000 every month, a fee I had no intention whatsoever to be paying.
I left them after buying marijuana worth of N300 for every smoker in that place. My money in their position increased to N10,450.

During the afternoon, my friend Jude came came. We discussed what he went to do in the Ondo forests. It seemed they cultivated Marijuana in those thick forests and also packaged them for European markets.
Some good business was going on under my nose. I would definitely find out more but for that moment, I had invited Jude for a different reason.

”Some guy is trying to run away with my N200,000” I said to Jude.

I told him what the money was for. He was not happy the way things had turned our for me over the travel documents issues. He himself had a daughter with a German lady and had gotten Fatherschaft, a temporal permit that allowed one to travel in and out of Germany.
He asked how he could help me get the money back.

”First of all, we need a German simcard. I didn’t return with mine” I said.

He returned with two German simcards and he even had them with him.

I called Ifeanyi to come. He was at the wharf.
We drank whiskey and waited for him. When he came, I told him how the ”operation Chukwudi” would commence.

First, he would return to Chukwudi and tell him that his brother will give him a call from Germany.
A few days after the call, the bill of lading of the mitsubishi bus would be sent to him. His brother in Germany who owned the bus would be in Nigeria a day or two after the bus had been cleared from the wharf. It was his brother from Germany that would pay for the clearing.

I made Ifeanyi go through the plan twice to make sure he understood the whole details.

Jude would play the German character while I would stay out of the way and cordinate the plans. The call from Germany would come the next day being Tuesday.

For the meantime, I decided to call Chukwudi.

”Hello” he said and kept quiet.

”How is our deal going” I asked him.

”I don’t know” he said and kept quiet.

”Mr Chukwudi, you have been shouting at me since my money entered your hand. You don’t really know me. If by friday, you didn’t give me a comprehensive update of how things were happening, you will refund my money. All of it Mr Chukwudi. If not, I will make you work for me for free and I will punish you”. I said.

”hahahahahaha, you be native doctor abi, You don’t know me too. there is nothing you can do. Na me be embassy we dey give visa? I don tell you to stop calling me” he shouted and cut the call. I recorded the entire conversation.

After half an hour, I asked Ifeanyi to call him on his second cell phone number.
”Tell him that you have given his number to your brother in Germany, the very one you are dialing now. Make him understand that your brother would call him tomorrow” I said.

Ifeanyi did as I instructed. The phone was on speakout.

”OK, no problem, I will begin work as soon as I get the bill of lading. I just need the chassis number and engine number. When the bill of lading arrive, photocopy it and send the copy to me” he said.

After our drinks, I gave Ifeanyi N1000 for transport back to wharf. He had now received N8000 In total from me, leaving his balance at N12000 only.

In the evening, I drove Jude back to his place. He suggested that I spent the night there but I had other plans.

Maria had said she would come to my place that night. She wanted to spend the night there. I had given her some reasons that the house was not yet properly organised like her own apartment but she insisted that she would come.

On my way home, I switched my phone to bluetooth hearing device and called Daisy. She said she was surprised at how fast I had changed. I Reminded her that we were moving on a fast pace and that we needed to slow down. I promised to invite her to the house as soon as possible.

I called Zainab, school was boring as usual. I wanted to be with her again but I needed some space until the ‘operation Chukwudi’ was properly in place.
She was the only girl who didn’t disturb me or care much about what I did and how I lived. She was good at minding her own business.

I got home and told Maria that I had returned. She said she was coming.

She came an hour later, with a heavy flask containing food. I watched her dished out the rice and when he brought out two spoons, I knew I was going to eat.
If she had came with one spoon, she would have eaten alone. However, I went to the kitchen and changed the spoons.
”I don’t like eating with sharp edged spoons” I had lied to her.

My cousin was hungry and wanted to eat the food too but I sent him a text message begging him not to eat.
”I will explain later” I had written in the message too.

After the dinner, we sat together in the sitting room and caressed some parts of our bodies.

Maria had suddenly found a bold and loving man. I figured everything she was doing was heading towards ” I will like you to be my man” but I wasn’t ready. I had an unfinished business with Europe, the second missionary Journey must be completed before Marriage.

”Time is the only coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how you spent it. Be careful lest you let others spend it for you”.

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  1. Oluwafemi

    Going to nysc camp today, im counting on your blog to keep me occupied. Learning some life lessons here too. Good job.

  2. nonye

    most ningerian women think of marriage as d only and most important achievement.

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