108: Tribute to Ajax FC Amsterdam

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The Ajax FC training fields were synthetic pitches, built inside metal cages that allowed people to watch from the outside.

When i got to the entrance, the Black Suriname Security man was letting some people in.
I stood in line and entered inside with them.

It didn’t take more than a minute before the sirens started blaring down near the Strandvliet Metro Station.
It was the Police Vehicles first, then an Ambulance and finally a fire truck.

Whoever made the first call to the police must have told them that war has broken out somewhere there.

It was a standard procedure for the cops and the Ambulance to show up; they knew i jumped and could have broken a rib or any other bone but how about the Fire Truck?
Was i also carrying explosives to bomb somewhere? Or did the train caught fire due to its sudden break?

Anything could have happened but as things stood, we were all waiting for the news in the papers tomorrow.

The ringing phone in my pocket changed the course of my thinking. Kate was calling.
She had secured a Dutch Sim card right before i returned from France.


She hesitated a little before she said, “Tina is here.”

There was no excitement whatsoever in her voice. I thought she would have been happy that Tina was there. Or maybe the event of the past few minutes at the Strandvliet station was playing tricks with my head.

“I am busy now, i will return soon” i said and cut off the call.

The third and fourth Police vehicles had just driven down to the Station. They all came through the road under the Ajax Amsterdam Magnificent Stadium.

The Ajax Stadium stood on my right hand. It was built above the ground like most structures in Amsterdam. A large motor road was built under it as a tunnel while the stadium hung above the ground.

People watched as the Police vehicles drove down to the station with speed. Everybody wondered what was going on, including me.

As far as i was concerned, we were all there to watch the Ajax players practice.

I knew that it was just a matter of time before the cops get a vague description of the alleged suicide attempt candidate and start sniffing around in an attempt to capture him.
The only group that can easily give out an accurate description of me, what i was wearing and my height was the Mr. Williams dark bats. But i was also sure that they must have disappeared as soon as the first siren came into their ears.
No African had the time to be a witness in a long suicide attempt investigation in any European country.
The second good news was that Mr. Williams and his band of Ghana Chimps must have known that if i got arrested, i would definitely tell the authorities why i jumped into the rail track.

Of course something was pursuing me. The toad doesn’t run in the day time for nothing.
I would implicate them. I would start from how i gave Mr. Williams money to send a stranded sex slave girl away from her Madam to England. I would make my story so emotional that even a trained Police Officer would not hesitate to slam handcuffs on Mr. Williams out of Anger.
I would call witnesses, from The Fat woman at the Ghazenhof store, to the Ghanaian Pastor, all the way to even Williams wife.
I would make myself a victim of threat and murder attempt.
Williams would regret his attempts on my life because by the time i finished, he would be put away for decades.

For all these reasons, i believed Mr. Williams must have also disappeared from the crime scene.

Two stray Police officers had left the Strandvliet station and were casually walking up with two dogs towards the training ground.
Whatever they hoped to achieve with the animals were not yet known to me, unless of course there was a certain smell associated with anybody who jumped into the rail track.

The only thing that could have easily identified me to the cops was my red face cap but as soon as i jumped down from the station, i threw the cap off and walked fast to the training ground.
I would have also loved to go home straight because i felt something wrong could be going on in the house. I had not shared responsibilities and powers among the girls. None was my anything yet. All were still nothing and everything to me.

But i knew that i could have easily been captured if i had ventured out of the area.

Some five people were tossing a football around at the upper left corner of the field. I walked up there and joined them.
One of them threw the ball at me, i controlled it with My chest, allowed it to drop on my left leg and kicked it to another guy.

The cops had walked up to the barbed metal cage walls, and was looking from outside as we played our game.
Another group of few spectators was tossing another ball at the other end of the field, while the main Ajax feeders team occupied the main pitch.
Many more spectators were also watching from the sidelines.

The best news of the night was that Bijlmer was almost 90% blacks, mostly Suriname, Ghana and Nigerians and other African nations.
The people who came to watch the practice were entirely blacks with a few white and Arab dudes. It was very difficult to point anybody out of the crowd in a bid to find out one African man who attempted to kill himself.

We played our game as the cops watched. I didn’t panic because i knew why they were there.

Thanks to Ajax Football club for saving my ass. They have been doing it for Nigerians since the days of Louis Van Gaal. They did it for Finidi George, they did it for Kanu Nwankwo, they did it for Tijjani Babangida, they did it for Pius Ikedia, and they were doing it for Ozoigbondu the first.

Then all of a sudden, the cops called the Security man and started asking questions. I watched from the corner of my eye as the man looked around, trying to see the odd man who was not supposed to be there.

I saw him, He was looking at me.
That was it, i was finally going to be arrested.

I wasn’t afraid of being arrested, My only fear was the fate of the girls i brought to Amsterdam.

My Fear!


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