108: Jacob And The First Payment

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Chapter 108.

I started work the following day. The manager was a very nice man. He was white, an Italian but wasn’t a racist. He liked black people because he treated three of us that worked there very well. He would pop in occasionally to ask how we were doing.

The facility was large, the Restaurant occupied the first floor and the ground floor. My work, along with the other two girls was to clean the floors twice everyday.
We would mop from 6am to 7am and waited until 2pm to start again.
While we waited, we would sit in a room and watched TV. Food was free but it came from our own kitchen. We would go there and pick up breakfast and lunch and would take home our dinner. It wasn’t the kind of food i was used to but i managed to get adapted to it. Burger and chicken were the main things they sold in McDonald.
They made Burger with variety of ingredients; burger with grilled meat, burger with grilled fish, burger with tomatoes and vegetable etc. Since the restaurant was in the middle of the city, people trooped in and out every second.
Only the white girls sold the foods in the counter.
We simply cleaned and arranged the tables occasionally.

The work stopped me from constantly cooking the African foods which Ano liked. He told me he missed rice and stew but also said he understood i was busy. The first weekend after i started work, i cooked another pot of stew, bought plastic bowls and stored it in the freezer. He would defroze and warm his share and eat before i returned.
He had managed to buy a one-month train ticket for me and showed me the route to work.
I had managed to mix up with the rest of Milan and that was nice.
I was among the few Nigerian girls who were not prostitutes and i loved it.

Madam Philo couldn’t reach me anymore. I knew she must be getting mad down there in Castel Volturno. As a result, i called her with a hidden number one afternoon and told her that i wanted to send her some money. After threatening with Olokun and Sango, she gave me a name to send the money.

I sent it though Western Union and when she picked it up, she couldn’t reach me. She had to wait until the following day when i called her again with hidden number. She said she was happy and asked that i gave her my phone number. I did. But before i did that, i told her that i would change the number again if she disturbed me.

“I am going to be sending you some money every two weeks. Just let me be please” I had warned. She had agreed but that was because there was nothing she could do.
I had defied her threats and didn’t return to her. Although i was a little afraid, i didn’t believe the deities would do anything to me. If they were as powerful as people claimed, then they must have known that i intended to pay Madam Philo her money. They must have known that it was the money that held us together. I wouldn’t be doing anything with Madam Philo if not because of the money she spent on my dangerous journey to Italy.

After two weeks, Ano returned with 320 Euros. He said it was my two weeks payment. It meant that my monthly payment was going to be 640 Euros or something close to that depending on the criteria used in paying us.
That was a big amount of money. I wasn’t sure i could be making that in the streets if i had remained a prostitute but then prostitution worked in diverse ways. One could make that amount in a week and on the other hand, one could spend two months without making that kind of money.
But all in all, i loved what i was doing. Every tom and dick no longer had access to my cunt. It was now solely reserved for Arnold who had somehow managed to start licking my clitoris before any round of sex.

We had started living like husband and wife and i loved it. At a stage, it crossed my mind to even allow myself to get pregnant. But i didn’t know what his reaction could be. He could go hairwire and throw me out of the house, or he could embrace the idea and love me more but for some reasons, i continued buying and taking my pills.
Pregnancy would have to wait, i was just heading to 20 years. I had so many years ahead of me, therefore i decided to hold on for as long as i could.

I was cleaning the ground floor that morning when he walked in. He stood in one placed and looked at me for several seconds before he caught my attention.

“Jacob” I managed to say.

I wanted to ask what he was doing there but then i remembered McDonald was a public place.

“Is this where you work now?” He asked.

“Isn’t that obvious?” I replied.

I wasn’t happy to see him. I wasn’t expecting to see anybody i knew. Cleaning was not particularly a job i was proud of.

“Where do you live now?” He asked.

“Jacob, the manager is watching me through the Camera. Please go, we will speak on phone” I said and continued what i was doing.

He went to the counter, bought his food and left.
For some reasons, i wasn’t happy to see him. I had hoped that he stayed there in the past and moved on towards another direction but like nemesis, he just located me and i was sure he would be coming along every now and then.

Back in the rest room, i called him.

“Jacob, the manager here saw us talking. He wanted to know who you are and i told him you were an old friend. He said he doesn’t want us to have visitors in the restaurant. Please dont talk to me again if you come here” I lied.
I was going to do everything i could to stop him from talking to me whenever he showed up there again.

“Baby Where do you live now?” he had asked.

“Please dont ask me, i stay with one woman and he warned me never to bring a man to her place, that’s why i haven’t told you” i lied again.

“But you can come back and go to work from my place” He said.

I told him that his place was very far from the restaurant but that i would think about his proposal.
He asked if i could come on the Following Sunday to his house but i gave him an excuse of how the woman who owned where i lived was a born again Christian who wouldn’t allow me to go anywhere on Sundays.

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