106: Unintentional Suicide Attempt

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“Its him, he is with a girl, i know him very well” The idiot was saying all this to my hearing.
He was a Ghanaian.

I had no doubt that he was calling Mr. Williams.
Why those bastards won’t back down still baffled me. I wasn’t going to leave Amsterdam for any black asshole who believed the city belonged to him simply because he came there before me or because there was a Football rivalry between his country and mine.

I didn’t hear or know what whoever he was calling told him but the bastard started hounding me. He even made it clear to me that it was me he was following.

Inside the bookstore near the stairway that led to the road, i said to Tina, “Someone is following me here. I need you to listen carefully. Go out there, enter one of those cars packed and tell the driver to take you to the address i will forward to your phone now. He will take 15 Euros from you. Here is 20 Euros. Kate will pick you up as soon as you get there. I will return as soon as possible.”

“I wanted to ask why he was following us. I saw him since we left the Shop where you bought the sim card” Tina said as i handed her the money and sim card.

I wrote the house address in Almere and sent to her phone, then deleted it from the ‘sent items’ box of my own phone.
Then i said, “I will walk out of here now and make him follow me, then you leave.”

Rather than climbing to the stairways towards the road where the Snoda people packed, I walked under the road and head towards Venseerpolder. The idiot followed me, his phone glued to his ear.

Some 50 Meters down the road, i called Kate and told her that Tina will be at home before thirty minutes. Call her and find out when she arrived because she don’t have enough money in her phone and its a French line” I said, then i cut the call and started running.

The black idiot started pursuing me until.
I rounded a corner of a large rectangular building and continued running down the road, it was already getting to late evening and everywhere was quiet.

Since i started running before him, i was ahead by a considerable margin.

There were only two good exits that could aid my escape from my pursuer. One was straight down towards the Venseerpolder metro station and the second was towards the Ajax Amsterdam Training fields, which was closer and to my left.

Since running all the way down to Venseerpolder metro station would drain all my energy, i decided to head left towards the Training fields.

The metro station that served the training fields was called Strandvliet, it was also the station before the Bijlmer Arena Station from Amsterdam Central Station.

As soon as i got to the station, i climbed the stairs to the platform and waited for a train going North or South.

I saw the car stopped abruptly a minute after i got to the platform, Mr. Williams and one other idiot jumped down from the car.
Together with the fool who called them, they started running up to the platform from opposite directions.

The Strandvliet metro Station has two entrances which served as the exits too.
Due to the length of trains in Europe which could be as long as hundred meters or more in some cases, the Europeans deemed it good to have entrances and exits at each end and sometimes they also have some in the middle.
The metro trains were never as long as the inter city or regional trains but some were more than 50 meters.

Since the Strandvliet (pronounced Strandfleet) Station had only two exits, it meant that the bastard had be cornered.
If i attempted to go through each end, someone was there to stop me. The worst was that they had extra man who was coming to the platform to confront me.

The orange stripe Dutch Police vehicles were sometimes stationed in each Metro station but for some reasons, none was at Strandvliet that late evening.

If it was during the middle of the day, trains usually showed up every two minutes but since it was late evening, some service trains had been withdrawn; it meant that instead of coming every two minutes, it now took them more than five minutes to show up.

Mr. Williams was the one who came up to the Platform to confront me, it was his fight.
The other two stood at each end of the platform and waited for me to make any move.

‘Call the Police’ my mind told me, but i knew that before the cops would come, they must have done one thing or the other to me.

There were two options for me, First was to face Mr. Williams and enter a fight with him, but i knew that if we got entangled into a fight and he was able to grab and hold me, the others would come.

The second option was to cross the rail track and jump down.

Like almost all the Metro platforms in Amsterdam, Strandvliet was built above the ground.
It was raised to about Ten meters above the ground because, the Entire Bijlmer was a city reclaimed from the Sea.
Despite having built huge levees to stop the sea from spilling into the city, there was still fear around town.

Water was Nature and Nature was what humans can never predict accurately all the time.

The city of Amsterdam, Rotherdam and almost the entire Holland lived in fear since they started existing. They have been fighting Water all their lives.

There was a small barbed wire protector that stopped things from falling into the rail track, but it was not high enough to stop me from Jumping.

A train was already coming, i could hear its sound from far but i knew that before it reached Strandvliet, many things could have happened.

I already had a wound in my left eye, which was healing slowly but still had its own bad impact on my general sight.
There was no way i could allow anything or anybody to attack my eyes again and since i didn’t know what the plans of the Ghanaian dogs were, i decided that i would do anything i could to make sure they didn’t get to me.

Mr. Williams was closing in on me faster than a lightning, it was time to do something if i were to do anything.

I jumped into the rail track and ran towards the low wire fence.

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