105: Critical Moments

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Chapter 105.

Ano came. He asked for what the young man was telling me.

“He wants us to dance but i refused” I said.

“Come down, lets go and dance” he said.

I was getting tipsy and whether i knew how to dance or not, the alcoholic was going to aid me mentally.

I rushed the remainder of my drinks and jumped down from the stool, it was time to dance.

Ano held my left hand as we walked to a far corner and started dancing to the current hiphop song. The alcohol helped me a lot because i didn’t care if i was dancing well or not, i just danced and vibrated my body.

I was happy that night. I had just landed someone who seemed to be a perfect gentleman with rooms for freedom for others.

I didn’t hate Jacob either, it was just that he was a Nigerian who came to Europe for the same purpose as me. Yes he came for money. However he liked me and decided to use tricks to keep me in one place as his girlfriend and baby factory while he continued his pursuit for money. I was extremely sure that unlike Europe where husbands and wives shared their money equally, Jacob was never going to give me a quarter of whatever he made out there. It wasn’t entirely his fault, he was a black man like others. The attitude of ‘I am the man, its my money’ was inside his head just like the rest of them.
As an African woman, i knew all those things. Such thing as settling down with him would only happen when i got to 28 and upwards. I would have paid  my freedom money and that would have removed me from the list of those hunted by either the evil Madams or by the evils themselves. Irrespective of having a slight doubt over whether those deities worked or not, i still had some fears inside me. I feared that even the devils had powers.
According to what we we told back in Primary School, God Almighty had chased an angel called Lucifer down to hellfire. It was said that God did not take the powers he gave Lucifer, he chased him down to hell with all the powers.
As we grew older, we were made to know that it was Lucifer that controlled all the other evils on earth.
It meant that Lucifer was the supreme commander of Olokun and other deities.
It simply meant that Olokun and the other evil deities had powers to inflict evil on us humans.
For that alone, i wanted to pay Madam Philo her money and become free from Lucifer and his gang of evil deputies.
I didn’t know whether the Lucifer theory applied to the Muslims. I had asked a friend of mine who was a Muslim back in Castel Volturno, he said he didn’t know anything about Lucifer. He told me that evil that is destroying the World were the Christians and their faith.
I didn’t understand him very well then and i didn’t ask him much about it later because he was just a customer.

Around 4am, the club music ended abruptly. Everybody started scrambling outside at the same time. I was already tired by 3am. After telling Ano, he had asked me to sit down somewhere. I didn’t want to tell him that it was time to go, i was his new girl Which meant that i had no powers yet.

We left the club like every other person and drove home slowly. The roads were still busy but not as busy as it was on our way to the club. The temperature was pretty cold up there in Milan unlike what i was used to in Castel Volturno.
Since i didn’t wear a jacket, i shivered from the car park to the entrance door until Ano opened it up.

“Sorry baby” He had said as he held my hand and we walked up to the first floor where he lived.

I didn’t change my cloth, i just managed to pull out my shoes and landed on the bed. I didn’t know what his plans were but i felt that if i wanted, i could just have slept in his own room.
He had made things easier by showing me the spare room the first time i came.
He didn’t disturb me either, he just went to his room and slept.

Between sleep and consciousness, i heard him splashing water on his body in the bathroom. I wondered if he expected me to do the same but even if he did, he would have to come and help me to the bathroom because the alcohol and sleep were strongly holding and keeping me down.

“Good morning baby” I heard and rolled over on my back.

I grumbled and sat up. Ano was already dressed. The clock on my phone revealed that it was 10am.

What was going on?
That was the most critical moment of my meeting with Arnold.

Has he come to ask me to dress up and leave?

He was fully dressed up and it was easy to know that he was going out because his car Keys was dangling.

“I am going out now” He said and smiled.

My heartbeat increased instantly.
Where was i supposed to go from there?
To Jacob? That would be an insult to him and at the same time, it would place me directly back to the same situation i was running from.
To Madam Philo in Castel Volturno?
Going down to Castel wasn’t a problem. The problem was what i was going to be doing there?
I had made up my mind that i won’t ever go back to the Domitiana way prostitution. But there was no other alternative down there.

I didn’t say a word to Ano, i didn’t know what his plans were. If i had known, i would have rolled over when he knocked and said he was going out. If i had known, i would just have stayed the way i was and pretend that i was still sleeping. He might have dropped his messages and left. But i unthinkably turned and made him see that i was still awake.

“There is some money on the table, go down and buy your food when you wake up. I will be back in the evening” He said and smiled again.

Gawd! He was leaving alone, not with me. I was going to stay? Whose prayers was doing the magic for me? Because as long as i was concerned, i didn’t say any prayers concerning that matter.

I nodded and watched as he returned to the sitting room but before i came down from the bed he returned and said, dont forget to take the key on your way out, dont lock yourself outside.

I nodded and followed him to the sitting room where he opened the exit door and after smiling at me, he closed the door and went away.

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