104: Juliet

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I called Maria and asked what happened with Juliet. She said that Juliet had left. According to her, she had pleaded with her to stay but it all seemed she had made up her mind long ago. ”Maybe she didn’t like the kind of companies you keep” I had said to her. ”It is not her business how I live my life” she had fired back. She was alone in the house. I decided to go to her. The other thing to do for the day was to go and start moving my properties to the new apartment but I wanted my cousin to be around when that job would be done. I wanted to give him a massive sense of belonging since I didn’t plan to take money from him. My plan was to ask him to pay N200,000 as his part of the apartment and immediately give it back to him as loan. That way, he would take care of the money which I was not going to ask him to return. I wanted him to see things in a way that he owed me money but we both owned the apartment. I needed him to come out of his shelves and start inviting women to the house for himself. I didn’t like the way he was caged with the christian doctrine. He was among the type that believed it was a sin to look at a beautiful woman lustfully. That doctrine from Catholic Church that tied us around the neck like a rope. Our people needed to emancipate themselves from mental slavery. Our mindset were altered and we didn’t even know how it happened. I got to Maria’s place and parked behind her Toyota Rav4. She was alone as she had said. We sat together on the single long sofa and watched the movie ”GodFather”. She enjoyed my company and told me about the drug business in Napoli. He named a man whom she said was the biggest Nigerian dealer in Napoli. She had her number. His name was Ozoemena, he was from Enugu state. I asked her to give me the phone number and she did….. I told her I was going to start drug business when I returned to Europe. She said she would be visiting me in Germany when she returned too. I wondered if Maria was one of the drug birds. The birds were the people who transported drugs from one city or country to another. Most of the time, they swallowed the stuff and removed it from their anus at the delivery point. A lot of Nigerians did that all over the World. Maria knew a lot about cocaine, even more than I did. My line of drug business was just marijuana which was not a class ‘A’ drug. We talked for hours until the evening when we had sexx again. I left her place and told her that I was going to start packing to the new place tomorrow. She told me to call her when I was ready. She wanted to help. The following day was a friday. I told my cousin that we were moving that very day. He wanted to go to Idumota but I told him to wait first. I called the truck driver in Mile 2 and told him to come. I waited for him until about 45 minutes later. He had come with two labourers as I instructed. They went up and started to dismantle everything in the house. Less than two hours later, the house had been stripped Unclad. I was downstairs when they brought down the last cooking pot. The Landlady was out on the Veranda, gloating as if she had won a war. She had won a war indeed, she had made her husband act. Stella was there too but the look on her face told me that she wasn’t happy. I called Daisy and told her that I was packing already. She came as we were about to leave. She was almost in tears but I assured her that Surulere was still in Lagos and that she can always come there. Issa the gateman, was uncomfortable. I believed he thought I was going to take his phone. ”Issa, take care of yourself and call me whenever you want to talk to me” I had said to him. We left Ojo area that afternoon and kissed the land goodbye. ” “I do not say goodbye. I believe that’s one of the bullshitiest words ever invented. It’s not like you’re given the choice to say bad-bye, or awful-bye, or couldn’t-care-less-about-you- bye. Everytime you leave, it’s supposed to be a good one.””

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