103: The Intentional Seduction

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Chapter 103.

The gentleman didn’t touch me. He only gave me directions on where to bath, where to change clothes and where to get things from the fridge which was in the kitchen.

At the back of my head, i felt that my stay in his place wasn’t going to last long. He was going to get fed up sooner and would ask me to leave. Where i would go from there was not known. My only little hope was that he would give me some money, which would enable me to get a ticket down to Castel Volturno if it turned out to worse.

I took my bath while the bathroom door was ajar. I had hoped that he would come in and start to touch me, which could eventually lead to sex, but Ano didn’t show up.

Sex had a way of cementing a relationship. It was the reason why i left the bathroom door open to lure him but it seemed his gentleness was going to be a negative to me.

When i finished my bath, i tied the towel around my body to expose half of my young and fresh boobs while revealing my upper tighs at the same time. I wanted him to see me when i walked past the sitting room to the room where my bag was kept. But he wasn’t even in the sitting room when i came out.
I was almost tempted to return to the bathroom and waited until he came out but i decided to wait for another chance. I was a woman and i knew that i would eventually get my way. There were many ways to kill a rat.

I was applying make up when he eventually showed up in my room. I was still tying the towel around me, i haven’t put on any dress for the club.
He had knocked on the door and i asked him to come in.

“Oh, sorry i didn’t know you are….” He was saying when i stopped him.

“Its OK, you can come in” I smiled.

The way i sat on the edge of the bed, my legs were exposed. I wasn’t putting on any under pants. Half of my boobs were visible.

“Men usually finish dressing up on time more than women” I said.

“You are right” He responded.
He was still standing at the door.

“If you dont come in, i won’t finish up on time” I joked.

He laughed and walked inside the room.

“Now the cream. Be a gentleman” I said as i handed him my cream tube to apply on my legs.

He grabbed it and started doing as i said.
I was no longer shy and naive, i had gathered enough confidence to give orders. There were orders men liked a lot, orders like rubbing a girl with creams.

I watched and directed Ano on the areas to rub the cream. He was doing fine until i pointed to my laps. He looked at me before he started work on my laps. He rubbed the lower parts and worked his way up until he reached where he considered the border, then he stopped.

As soon as he stopped, i held his neck, lowered my head and kissed him.
I had hoped that he won’t go angry on me and i was lucky he didn’t. Every man didn’t liked being kissed by strangers. It was just a Chance i had to take and i prayed that it would work. Thankfully it worked because the whole thing seemed as if Mr. Ano had been waiting for me to give him the go ahead to work on me.. As he took over the kissing, we stood up opposite each other. He lowered his mouth from my lips and started kissing the top of my breasts which were naked. I moaned and pretended that i was in cloud nine.

Deception was one of the major characteristics of prostitution. Sometimes, we had to pretend that we were enjoying everything, just to make the man come quicker or to make him pay us without grudges.

We were touching each other as he kissed my boobs and somehow, the towel untied itself and fell on the ground. My entire body was revealed. The boobs stood out and pointed to his face. With a smile on his face, he put his mouth on the left nipple and started sucking. This time, the pleasure got to me.

I moaned as he switched his mouth from left to right and left again, sucking and squeezing my boobs while i held his waist, drawing his body closer to mine.

He had changed to his party clothes but he didn’t object when i started removing his belt. After the belt was pulled out, i put my right hand inside his trouser to feel his standing manhood. He moaned softly and returned his month on my chest as if he was starved of breast feeding when he was a kid.

Ten minutes later, all his clothes were on the floor. I had succeeded in pulling everything away from his body.

I had a condom in my bag but i didn’t want to get it out. He was the man and should have had condom in his house but he didn’t. The options was that he go out and get a condom or he did his thing without it.
I also knew that the moment he stepped out to get a condom, we could end up not doing anything again. It had happened to me before and it could happen again.

The chemistry would die and whenever he returned, he could just only climb on top of me, insert his manhood, move in and out and release his sperm. The enjoyment wasn’t to be there anymore. Therefore i thought that it was better to encourage him to go ahead and do it without protection. If he managed to release inside of me, i would take my pills.

With a smile on my face, i sat on the bed and dragged him with me. As i lay with my back, i pulled him on top of me, held his head with my two hands, drew his head down to my face and started kissing his lips.

His manhood was already touching the entry of my vagina. At that stage, i knew that it was just a matter of seconds before his manhood manipulated his brain into inserting itself into my already wet cunt.
Only 1 percent of men worldwide would resist sex at that stage.

I intentionally spread my legs and circled it around his waist as his manhood slowly found its way into my dripping cunt.

I moaned out with pleasure as Ano started digging in and out of me with enough energy to pull a car. My legs circled his waist and as he pumped in and out of me. We were moaning at the same time as he occasional kissed my boobs while doing his work down the line.

It took us ten minutes again to burst into each other as he collapsed on top of me and stayed there.

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