102: BMW and Work

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A kiss was planted on my lips as soon as we got inside the room.

”What did you do in Germany, Austin” she asked when our mouths separated.

”Work. I worked at a restaurant” I said.

”Did you mean to tell me that you didn’t sell drugs like every other guy” she asked.

I shook my head.
”I didn’t see anybody to teach me how to deal on drugs” I sad.

”How on earth did you buy a New BMW if you didn’t sell drugs” she said and smiled.

”God, it was God’s hand work” I said.
They said God was the answer to every problem. It was then that I knew what it meant.

She didn’t believe me but who cared. I didn’t know who she was, we just met at a beach. If she was going to hear about drugs from me, then we needed to get more involved first.

She was wearing a transparent night gown which revealed her Unclad buttocks. She was also wearing a leg bangle which I hated in girls but not that night.

She grabbed my dicck and squeezed it. It was already getting up when I sensed she wore nothing under the gown.

She smiled and squeezed it some more while my idle hand moved to her chest and squeezed her two balls at the same time. There was no Bra too.

Somehow I decided to take over. Most women wanted their men to take over every action.
I knew Maria thought she was a big girl, bigger than Ozoigbondu, afterall she had a Rav4 SUV while I was on a car. The odds were on her because she was a woman.
A woman who bought a bicycle by herself should be naturally considered more hardworking than a man who bought a motorcycle. That was how our world worked.

”How did you go to Europe Maria” I asked while squeezing her soft buttocks.

”My madam took us to Mali and we flew from there to Paris, then we used train to Italy” she said.

Her Madam? It could be madam Grace or any other madam but I didn’t want to go further. Those people were like cults. If she found out I knew or had something to do with Madam Grace and the missing Jennifer, I could be in trouble.

I bent down and carried her frail body up as she crossed her hands around my neck to support herself.

We kissed in that position before I moved three steps forward and placed her slowly on the bed.

Damn, I left my cloths in the sitting room and my wallet which contained the condom was inside the trousers.

”Excuse me” I said and walked back to the room.

”What are you doing with my trouser, miss ”No talking’ ” I asked.
She threw them quickly back on the chair and stood facing me…

The mutter was searching my cloths.

”I, I wanted to keep it inside for you”. She murmured.

Maria had heard us talking and came out of her room.

I grabbed the trouser and started to wear it.

”What is going on here” Maria asked.

I told her to ask her partner.

”What is the Problem Juliet” she asked.

Really’ her name was Juliet. Such a nice name for a non talking thief.

Juliet kept quiet.

”She was searching my cloths when I came in here and I am leaving this place right away” I said to Maria.

”I suppose it was you people’s plan all through. I thought you were a big girl” I said to Maria as I locked my belt and grabbed my shirt.

”Wait here, what do you mean it was our plan? You think I sent her to search your pocket” she said as she moved forward and gave Juliet a hot slap.

”So it was you who stole Tony’s watch here Juliet?” she said.

She said Juliet had stolen her visitor’s watch and denied it.

Maria was convincingly angry and said that Juliet was leaving the house first thing in the morning.

”I brought you here to brush you up and send you to Europe only to insult me in front of my guest, see your life, you are going back to Benin Tomorrow” she said.

I had finished wearing my cloths and was watching the bashing and slapping she was giving Juliet.

”Enough! Stop slapping her. I don’t like it. you can send her to Europe if you want, its not my business. You just have to make her stop embarrassing you”. I said.

Juliet went back inside her room with red face and tears in her eyes. It touched me somehow, It made me realise that she may not be in control of herself.
It also occurred to me that some of the People I had p,unished for doing wrong things to me may not have been in total control of themselves.

Chinelo, Madam Landlady etc. These people may have been possessed by evil spirits which they couldn’t control or subdue.

The World was sick and the people who were supposed to help out were thieves and scammers.

” “Let me never fall into the vulgar
mistake of dreaming that I am
persecuted whenever I am

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