101: The bad Chukwudi

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”Chukwudi I am not a poor man, I told you my name. If I call you, you need to listen to why I did before shouting” I said.
He cursed me in Igbo language and cut the phone call off.

I knew the judges would think that I should have Atleast given him his two weeks but trust me, I knew my instincts in and out. If I didn’t call him before two weeks, he would either extend the date or give me another silly excuse. However, calling him at two or three days intervals was supposed to remind him that I meant business and kept him on his toes.

The anger I wanted had been given to me. Anger that pushed me to the wall..
Anger that made me plot for revenge. Yes, revenge, that’s the name I called my negative way of returning misdeeds.

Anger! I love being angry, not at you or anybody else, but at myself. There were some mistakes I didn’t expect from myself and whenever I made them, I got angry. I believed I was supposed to Atleast know where Chukwudi lived. I should have openly demanded to know where he lived and if he had refused, the deal would have been called off.

The following day, I went to Surulere to wash the new house. Due to the anger in my system, I didn’t hire anybody. I just bought two buckets, a mop, Omo detergent and a towel.
While washing the entire place, my mind wondered all over Lagos. I wondered where Chukwudi could be, what he was doing with my money. Why I was so concerned about a mere two hundred thousand and why I must get the money back.
Swindling must be discouraged and someone had to start the war.

Maria called me…
”Where are you boo” she had said.

What was boo? I never heard of that but whatever it was must wait first. It was Maria. I needed to pay attention to her. I believed that there was a hidden interest in every woman’s call and most of the time, they concealed it until they had you inside their net. By every woman, I meant even my mother and sisters.

”I am in Surulere, somewhere called Adetola street” I had said.

I gave her the address and asked her to come there. She asked me to keep some drinks for her. I agreed. I was sure she won’t ask for it when she saw that I was washing a new house.

She found the place later and came with her partner, the mute cockroach.
They met me washing the house and asked what it was for.

”This is my new apartment, since you told me that you lived in Surulere, I decided to find a house here and pay for it instantly” I had told Maria. She laughed at the joke.
She liked the place so much and asked who was going to live with me… I told her that it was just my cousin Andrew and no one else.

She helped me to pour water on the ground while I mopped. The mutter didn’t do anything. I guessed she was even angry that Maria was helping out. I thought that she may just be jealous or she may be a lesbian, probably with Maria. I was going to watch out for trails.

Ifeanyi called. He said he had every information I needed about Chukwudi. He had even found his best friend. It was a great news for me…
I promised to call him back later.

”Who are you Maria, tell me about yourself” I asked from no where.

She said she had returned from Napoli in Italy after six years. As soon as she said Napoli, I didn’t need to ask her what she did there.
There was no other work except Prostitution and drug trafficking.
She said she would return back there after one month.

I told her that I had been to Germany.

After cleaning the house, we drove with her car to a restaurant and ate. I paid for the whole food which amounted to over N5000. The mutter lightened up since she discovered that I wasn’t there to take her friend’s money.

I called my cousin and told him that I wasn’t returning that night. Maria had planned that we visit a Joint at Adeniran Ogunsanya where live band makossa were played.
My presence had relegated the mutter to the back seat while I occupied the front seat with Maria the Driver.

We enjoyed ourselves throughout the night until about 3am when we left to Maria’s apartment. It was a two bedroom apartment, fully furnished with Air conditioner and floor tiles. She also had a large flat screen Samsung television.

We sat and talked in the sitting room while drinking.
The mutter took her bath and occupied one of the rooms.

later Maria took her bath too and so was I. After my shower, I wore only the boxer and relaxed on the single long sofa in the sitting room. Less than ten minutes later, Maria came out of the room and took my hand.
I slowly got up and followed her to her room, leaving my trousers and shirt behind.

”It was only a fool who spits out sugar that had been put into his or her mouth”

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