100: The Letter

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I didn’t go home from the Restaurant. I waited in another bar across the road until Nonso came. I watched as he entered the Restaurant, then i called George.
“I am in Paris and i need you to do something for me” i said.
George said he was in Lyon but will return the following day.

I sat there and considered the next thing to do; i needed to know what was in the letter. I had initially told the authorities that i was going to change my residential address but they never heard from me again.

In the heat of everything that was happening, i didn’t care much about the resident permit. I had this feeling of leaving Europe and never going back. I had managed to create enemies for myself all over the place and i believed that some of them could be looking for me.

After some few minutes at the restaurant, i saw Nonso walked out to the road with a fixed smile on his face. It looked like he got “I will visit you” from Amara.
I returned to the restaurant and asked Amara how the meeting went. She said she told Nonso she will visit him that night.
Over 90 percent of the African single women living in Europe slept with men for money. If Amara wanted to do that with Nonso, that was fine because she was no longer a teenager. She was old enough to determine what she wanted. Despite that i gave her €500, she was also going to get some kind of money with Nonso as well.

“Now this is where the €500 work comes in. Nonso is with the letter foreign office sent to me. I want the letter. When you are there, he must leave the room to do something outside. If he doesn’t, give him €50. And tell him to go and buy something for you at the mall. If he demands that you go with him, tell him you have no strength. When he leaves, search for the letter. He must be leaving in one room, therefore the search will be easy. If there are drawers, check them. Check for any small bag that could contain documents. The name on the Envelope will be S*****n A******a. Get the envelope for me and you get a little more gift” I said.
She was confused initially but she nodded after i analysed every move comprehensively.

I left the restaurant and found a small hotel near Place de Clichy Metro station. I wanted to spend the night alone but since i didn’t have much to do the next two days, i went down to the Marcadet area to look around. I covered my face with a cap and walked to the area where the street hawkers stood. As usual, the place is full of young black girls roaming around. I selected an area where there was no street light and went there. There were a few girls flashing fake smiles to attract me. A careful look revealed a young girl who was not more than 18. I usually know the teenagers when i see them because their boobs were always still firm and strong.
“Hey how are you?” I walked straight to the teenage girl and asked.
She responded with an intonation that was clearly not Nigerian. She sounded East African and when i eventually asked where she came from, she said she Was from Ghana.
“You sound Kenyan or Ugandan” I said.
She maintained that she was Ghanaian and said that she wasn’t there to introduce her country.
They usually thought they were wise and start an aggression that they won’t be able to finish.
“Alright sorry about my inquisitive nature. I need a sweetheart for the night: how much poorer is that going to make me?” I asked.
“Jast €300” she responded.
“Alright, i will give you €200, lets go”

We took the night bus to the Clichy area where my hotel was located.
As soon as we got there, i called Akunne and told him to send the money to Paris. I gave him the details on my passport because for some reasons, i decided to withdraw the money by myself.
After the instructions to Akunne, i called miss Alicia. She was back in Italy according to her.
“I need you to come to Paris tomorrow. Use easy jet or Ryan air, i will balance you the transport fare” I said.
After reminding me that she didn’t trust me, she agreed to come anyway.
It was already some minutes past 10pm when i settled down and started asking the Ghanaian some questions. I had gone to the bathroom and when i finished my bath, i put on my clothes back indicating that i wasn’t interested in sex.
“Brather, why you put your clothes back on?” the little girl asked me boldly.
“There is going to be no sex between us. You are too young to be standing in the streets every night looking for men. I brought you here because i want to help you out but you must not tell anybody what i am going to tell you. I have a house in Sweden where some girls of your age whom i rescued from the streets live. They go to school to become better people. If you continue standing there on the streets, cold will kill you soon; if cold doesn’t get you, dangerous and drunk men will harm you. It is not safe out there. If you don’t like my proposal, you can leave. By the way, what is your name?” i said.
She kept quiet and stared at me as if she didn’t hear what i said.
“I just asked for your name” I said.
After staring at me for several seconds, she said her name was Mercy.
“Ok Mercy, did you just hear what i said earlier?” She nodded and said ,”Where is Sweden?”
I told her Sweden was very close to France. She said she wanted to go and tell her Madam before going with me.
“Where is your Madam from?” I asked Curiously.
She said her Madam was Nigerian. As soon as i heared she was Nigerian, i needed nobody to tell me where the Madam came from. It was a new one to me because i never knew they also recruited girls from other Countries. They were really powerful in their business empire.
“If you tell your Madam, she won’t allow you to go” I said casually.
She didn’t say anything more about the proposal, she just sat there and told me how she came to work for her Madam whom i wasn’t interested in asking her name.
Little Miss Mercy was actually bought as a slave girl but since i was in Paris for my documents, i decided not to push for her rescue until i was done with the foreign office.

” It’s better to think once wisely
rather than think twice

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    ” It’s better to think once wisely
    rather than think twice

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