101: Cleaning Up

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Amara called me first thing in the morning. She said she found my letter right there on the center table. She was excited to also remind me that she even left Nonso’s place that same night.
“I will be with you at the restaurant in a few minutes” I told her as i put on my shoes and prepared to go.
“This is my phone number. When you make up your mind, call me” I said as i called out my phone number to Mercy who has been demanding for €200 since 6am. I had previously told her she won’t be getting a dime from me if she didn’t make up her mind to leave Paris.
“The money will be used for your flight ticket to Sweden if you don’t agree to go with me, then i will give you 100 only” i had said.
She had stood up and demanded for the 100 which made me to tell her that she wasn’t interested in going to Sweden. I didn’t push too hard to convince her as i used to do for the other girls. The reason was that i wasn’t much eager to get a new girl. Maria had warned that we stop bringing in more girls until we settle with the ones we have.

I was sure that Aunty Joy has been trying to reach me but unfortunately she didn’t have the phone number i was currently using in Paris. I had secondly become reluctant to ask her for more money because all the money she sent caused me so much stress one way or the other. I had decided to forget about her because i wasn’t going to return any of her girls to her.

Mercy was begging me as we walked down the hotel. She said that since she didn’t return home in the night, her madam was likely to assume that she slept with a customer.
At the entrance of the hotel, i gave her €200 and told her to consider my proposal.
“Don’t tell anybody anything about what i said. Don’t bring any human being to my hotel and don’t call me unless you decided to go with me” i instructed before we parted Ways.

I got to the restaurant and met Amara alone. I was bargaining with her over how much money i will give her for the letter when her phone rang. It was Nonso Ukeh asking if she had seen the letter.
She denied seeing it ofcourse. I eventually gave her extra €200 making her money €700 but I had a feeling that she might return that money someday. I wanted to get my hands on the letter first.
Nonso Ukeh was calling again as Amara gave me the letter.
“Tell him to stop disturbing you or you will report him to Police” I said.

As soon as i left the hotel, i called Nonso.
“Get me the letter and take your €2000?” I said.

“The letter is missing, i don’t see where i kept it?” He said.
“I think i know who stole it from my room. I will get it back and teach her some serious lessons in this Paris” He yelled.
“If i don’t get my letter before Friday, you better leave Paris” I said and cut the call.

George called and said he was on his way to Paris while Akunne called and said he sent €10,000 to Paris.
I drove to the western Union and withdrew the money without any incident. I knew Akunne was never going to sell me out because as a clever man, he must Have heard or seen what happened to Ralph and his people. I didn’t know when they left the building at Spandau. I had only given the entrance keys to Marko in Wolfsburg and told him to return it to Johnson. I had also called Johnson and told him to pick up the keys from Marko.
Johnson wanted to know why i had to disappear just two days after paying for a new apartment. I told him that there was urgent business in Paris that needed my attention. I also instructed him to get the refund of our one month rent and send it to me through western union or money gram.

Immediately i received the money western union, I called Alicia. She said she has purchased a flight ticket from Bologna to Paris and asked if i could pick her up at the airport; i refused. I didn’t still trust Alicia because i didn’t know the extent the police went with her the last time we were in Paris.

When i finished everything i wanted to do for the day, i rented another hotel room opposite Magenta Train station and waited for Marko.
The letter sent by the foreign office was written in French. I wanted to use the Google translator to know what they meant but translators usually made small alterations from the real meaning especially when it was long sentences.

George came to the hotel and read the letter for me. It seemed the authorities wanted me to provide birth certificate or Baptismal card. They needed some kind of verification from my country of origin.
Immediately after reading the letter, i called my mother in Nigeria. It seemed we haven’t talked for a while. She greeted me for the lace cloth and the money i sent to her. I also told her that i needed my baptismal card from the Catholic Parish. She said she had the card with her and i told her to call my younger brother and give it to him.
Then i called and instructed my younger brother to do express mailing through DHL from Enugu to Paris. I sent him George’s Address. George wanted us to form the card in Paris but i told him that it would be better to get the original since it was available.

When Alicia arrived, i told her to take the taxi from Orly airport to the Eifel Tower area where i was sightseeing. She complained of money but i told her that i will pay.
I was at one of the restaurants  on the first compartment of the Tower when she came. From where i was, i was able to see her as she walked towards the base of the tower with her phone on her ear. I told her to purchase a ticket there and use the lift to the first floor where i was. I had made sure she wasn’t with anybody.
After trying to tell me that she was scared of heights, she agreed to come up there. The first compartment of the Tower Eiffel was about 90 to 100 meters from the ground.
When Alicia came up, she was not angry nor happy with me. She had sat down opposite me and the fist thing she said was “Did you intentionally set me up with the Police?” I smiled and shook my head.
“There was really €10, 000 at the western union but there was a little mixup” I said.

“ If your opponent is better
armed and has longer reach,
then surprise is your only
ally. And then you’d better
hope he’s half asleep.”

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    I think am first this time. But zuby I thought akunne is supposed to send you €17,000 but you wrote €10,000. Why?

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    This update is a build up to a mega thing. I want to see alicia get laid, fall in love n team up with u all the way.

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    Seriously Zubby , don’t you think you can make this a great seasonal films , it will be the proudly nigerian movie which I believe will sell internationally and will bring a lot of returns to the NGO and empire you’re building. Just my little thought Sir. Cheers!

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    Zuby a quick flash back pls, what about d 2 swedish school girls u laid when maria came to deal with u in sweden 🙂 hw often did u call ur girls in naija to update them, onitsha , ph,aba,enugu lagos .

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