100: Apartment 202

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It was a sunny Monday morning. The sun came out early and brightened the Bijlmer area. There was a kind of holiday in Holland because the few whites who lived in Bijlmer scrambled to go to the beach to catch fun.

I woke up earlier than usual and walked down to the sitting room. The Hennessy i started drinking since the past two days was still there. I opened it and poured out a handful; then i sipped it and relaxed on the long Sofa.

Robin came down some minutes later and joined me.

“I got a call from an agent last night, he said there is an available apartment in Almere. Do you like that Side?” He asked.

“I said Weesp not Almere” i said.

“There is also one in Weesp but the one in Almere is a new building” He said.

“When are we going to see it?” i asked.

“This morning” he answered.

“Fine” I replied.

We drank for about thirty minutes before he got a call from the agent who asked us to start coming to Almere.

Almere Poort was a new subcity being developed by the Dutch Government. Almere itself as a city was entirely new with new everything ranging from railways to roads and houses.
The city could be accessed through a bridge from Weesp across the Ijmeer and Gooimeer lakes.

We crossed the bridge and stopped at the Christopher Columbus Street where we were told to come. The Ghanaian agent was already waiting for us.

“My friend, this is the building, it is a new one” he said as he opened the central door and allowed us in.
Like he said, everything was as new as a newly produced gold. For some moments, i wondered if i was even able to pay and maintain an apartment there. Apparently the Quarters were not constructed for African Immigrants but i decided to hear the agent out.

We took the lift to the second floor where he opened a flashy two room apartment that overlooked the Ijmeer lake.

“Sir, this place is very nice, no doubt but i am a little in a haste to hear out the price first” I cut in from nowhere.

While we inspected the apartment, i had Maria in mind. She would surely fall in love with the apartment. Its kitchen cabinet system were awesome.

“This place cost only 1300 Euros a month, including utility bills. The house owners already installed Gas, digital TV, house telephone, a fridge as you can see, every kitchen items, beds, seats etc. All you have to do is just to move in.
” He said.

Based on what i saw inside the apartment, i was expecting something in the region of 1700 Euros since everything was already inside.
At 1300, the apartment was as good as free.
I wanted to tell the man that i have accepted the offer instantly but as an Igbo man, i thought that he could increase the bill if i rushed things but then things didn’t work that way in Europe.

“The place is nice, we will get back to you before the end of the day” I said.

“Take this place, your girl will like it” Robin chipped in.

“You are the boss, i will do as you say” I said and smiled.

“So how are we going to handle the payment?” i asked.

“There is not much complications to it. The agreements has been written. All you need to do is to sign them in my office in Bijlmer and give me money” he said.

“Well let us go to Bijlmer then” I said as we walked out and followed him in his car to Bijlmer.

One good thing with Ghanaian house agents was that they usually covered their apartments with their own papers. All they had to do was just to rent it out to the Nigerians. Of course they usually increased the rent fees.
The apartment we found in Almere Poort wasn’t up to 1300. The agent must have added atleast 200 but i didn’t care.
I had no Dutch resident permit to rent the place on my own and Robin won’t do that for me because he already rented his apartment with his names.

We got to the agent’s office and signed the necessary documents; then i paid him 2600 and went to the Amsterdamspoort to send money through western union.

1 Euro was hovering around 200 Naira that morning.
I sent 100 Euros to Ajegunle and paid another 27 Euros to process the transfer.
When i called and told him that i have sent the money, he promised to go to Nando immediately to ask questions.
I also gave him the names of Clement, Ikenna and Willie who died and told him to make enquiries as well.

“Go to a popular joint, buy drinks for loud mouths and they will tell you everything you need to know” i told him before he cut off the call.

When i returned to the house, i told Maria to escort me somewhere. We were going to the new apartment but i didn’t tell her because i wanted to surprise her.

“Where are we going, you know it is dangerous out there” she complained.

“Don’t worry, we will be safe, chigbo won’t do anything because we still have a meeting with the priest”

We took the snoda to Diemen Sud and went to the Almere Poort from there.
We got to the house and i opened the door.

“Where did you get the keys to this place?” Maria asked as we took the lift to the second floor.

“I rented an apartment here a few hours ago” I said.

“You did?”

“Yes, it is a nice little place where nobody will ever disturb you again. People who live here are mostly whites and middle class. The slummers in Bijlmer won’t come here” I said as we got off the lift and opened the apartment.

“Wow, this is beautiful” Maria said as she rushed to the kitchen first while i followed her.
She switched on the cooking gas and switched it off again, turned the water taps on and off again, touched the wooden cabinets and opened the cupboards to see new cooking pots and utensils.

“You are really the best” she said as she jumped on my body and kissed me.

I carried her to the sitting room and put her on the sofa while she still held me firmly on the back of my neck.

“I want you now” she said with a smile.

“Are we going to open this place with sex or prayers?” I asked and smiled.

“Sex first, we will ask for forgiveness when it is time to pray” she said and smiled again as i pulled off her light blouse and exposed the firm breasts that refused to fall despite everything i did to it in the past.



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  1. akpos4uall

    “Sex first, we will ask for forgiveness when it is time to pray” she said and…
    Let’s wait and see how the slummers in Bijlmer come there to disturb your peace.

  2. Emmy

    “I rented an apartment here a few hours ago ” I said .
    “You did?”

    Awesome, Surprise is always sweet.

  3. papindinho

    wow! I would be damn heartbroken if you ended up not marrying Maria.

  4. Nana Afua

    ” i pull off her light blouse and expose her the firm breast th@ refuse to fall after everytin i hav done to it in e past

  5. Nana Afua

    ” i pull off her light blouse and exposed her the firm breast th@ refuse to fall after everytin i hav done to it in e past”

  6. phapi

    Zubby I need a dedication sir,2day is my birthday one of ur fan from the days of nairaland till date

    Sex b4 prayers hmmmmm God understand best

  7. Dejust

    big and good things are best Enjoy with someone special…

    zubby u flex wella for europe oooo.

  8. Quinine

    1300 euro is tu much per month for a house rent when we relate it to naira

  9. Brian

    Howdy! This blog post couldn’t be written much better! Going through this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He constantly kept preaching about this. I’ll forward this information to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

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