10: Proverb Chapt. 5

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Chapter 10: Proverb Chapter 5.

I tiptoed back to the room and told Lisa to go to the door and ask who it was.
”Don’t open the door or tell them that i am here” i said to Lisa.
As she walked towards the door, i called Naomi and told her to quickly send me Efosa’s number.
”Who is that” Lisa was asking at the door.
The thugs had asked that she opened the door or that they break it.

In less than fifteen seconds, i received a message from Naomi. It was the phone number i asked for.
I moved into my room where they couldn’t hear my voice, then i called Efosa. The silly fool picked the call.

”I saw you and your friends going to my house. I have called the Police. We are coming there now. Stupid man” i said and hung up.
As i stepped out of my room to the passage, i heard quick footsteps running down the staircases.
I walked to the kitchen and waited at the window. One minute later, i saw them walked out of the building and headed away from the road where they suspected that the Police would come from.

”What did they want” a voice said behind me. It was Lisa.
”They are here to take you and Naomi back to Paris but don’t worry, they won’t take any of you away” i turned and said.

”Please don’t do that again” i said as soon as i pulled my mouth out of Lisa’s.
Lisa had planted a kiss on my lips. I expected that something like that could happen someday. She was just a teenager who lived in the same place with me and Naomi. She had been seeing us practising romance all over the apartment. She had seen Naomi slept in my personal room.
I had also opened their room once, to ask if she can go and buy fish to cook pepper soup, but had seen her totally naked. Her young breasts had dangled in front of me and she had smiled without making any effort to cover herself. I had smiled and made the mistake of staring two seconds longer than i should have done. Peharps she had translated that into green light.
It was only a matter of time before she made her move on me.

”Lisa, i love Naomi. She will be angry with you if she finds out what you just did” i said.
”She won’t find out unless you tell her” she said.

I made another mistake.
”I won’t tell her Lisa but she could find out, maybe catch us kiss-kissing or …” i said.
The words wasn’t flowing freely from my mouth.
The top of her blouse was open and had exposed the base of her breasts. My manhood had started to get excited. She had noticed the bulge and had grabbed it. At that stage, i lost control of my mind.

Some minutes into the session with Lisa, my phone rang. Since i was in the middle of hot romantic session with a young girl, i ignored the call. The phone rang again but i didn’t look at it. I had continued squeezing Lisa’s soft breasts while we were entirely naked. We had thrown our cloths on the kitchen floor and i had carried her to their room. I felt that it would be classified as ‘cheating Naomi’ if i had taken Lisa to my own bedroom which i had started sharing with Naomi.
About thirty Minutes after the first ringing of my phone, i had rounded up my business with Lisa and walked back to the kitchen to get my cloths. I recalled instantly that someone had called me. I brought out the phone from the trouser and checked the missed calls. All the calls were from Naomi.
Damn Women! How on Earth do they know when their husbands or boyfriends were with other women?

I dialed Naomi’s number back and she picked it up instantly.
”What exactly are you doing now”? i asked.
I didn’t put ‘baby’ or ‘sweetheart’ which i usually did. Lisa had walked behind me and was holding me through the back. She was still naked.

”I am in Juvisy Police station” she said.

”What? Have you told them anything” i shouted.
”Yes, i told them that my boyfriend is missing” she said.
”Jeez! What else did you tell them and what did they say”? I asked.
”They said i should wait for an interpreter to come since i don’t speak French. We are still waiting for them” i said.
”Did you play the recorded phone call i had with Efosa” i said.
”No, i haven’t played it for them” she said.
”Now listen carefully and do as i say. Walk up to one of them and tell him or her that your boyfriend have called you. Thank him and tell him that you are going” i said.
She said ‘OK’ and hung the call.

”Who was that” a voice said behind me. It was Lisa.
I had forgotten that she was at my back kissing my neck.

”It is nothing, go and put on your clothes now” i said.
She noticed that my voice was not friendly and left instantly.

”I am going out to check something. If anybody knocks on the door, don’t open it. If the knock persists, call the emergency number. It is 112 and it is free” i said as i opened the passage door and walked out to the stairwell.

Naomi called me before i got to the Grigny train station. She had left the police station and was on her way back to the Hotel. She asked if the thugs showed up to our apartment and i told her that they didn’t come. I needed to avoid her going into shock again. She had scared me when the thugs visited us.

As i sat in the train heading back to Juvisy, i wondered why i didn’t or couldn’t resist Lisa. I knew that what we did was just the beginning of what to come since we lived in the same apartment. It was obvious that since i didn’t stop her, i was going to be sleeping with the two girls until my time in Paris was up.
Three months wasn’t such a long time to live with the issue but it was still a long time for anything to happen. It seemed that i had no more option than to live with the problem. I just had to find a way to hide it from Naomi who already suspended her heart to me.

I stopped in Juvisy station and walked up to the hotel room. Naomi had finished taking her bath and since she had no cloths except the ones she had worn the whole day, she was just wearing her tight body pants and Bra. As she opened the door for me, she looked into my eyes and smiled.

”Stay away from immoral woman” – Proverb Chapter 5

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    **”I am in Juvisy Police station” she said.
    ”What? Have you told them anything” i shouted.
    ”Yes, i told them that my boyfriend is missing” she said.
    ”Jeez! What else did you tell them and what did they say*** this got me lafing hard

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