10: Blackmail – It Was Him

It was 4:20am when my phone started ringing.

I picked it up from under the pillow and looked at the screen; Mr. Tino was written on it.

That was it, it was time to punish the bastards.

“Excuse me” I said as i climbed out from the wall side of the bed.

“Where are you going?” Jacob asked.

“To the sitting room” I said.

“To do what?” He asked.

“Is it your business what i am going to do in my own sitting room?” I asked.

I was already standing on the floor in front of the bed and was making my way into the sitting room when Jacob jumped up from the bed and followed me.

“Leave me alone” I shouted as he attempted to grab my phone from me.

We wrestled for a few seconds until the phone fell on the floor.

Melissa and Kenny had walked out of their room and was standing at a corner watching as Jacob held me from picking up the phone.

While heading to the parlour, i had pressed the green button on the phone and when it fell on the floor, the Police man was shouting ‘hello’.
We could all hear his voice that early morning.

“Who is that guy?” Jacob was asking with a loud voice.

All of a sudden, the phone on the floor stopped talking.
For some reason, Melissa and Kenny had started shouting at each other too.
It didn’t take much time for the hot tempered kenny to hit Melissa on the face.
She fell down and started shouting.

“You will kill me here today” She shouted

Jacob was till holding me tight and had stopped me from doing anything.

“Is this how you are going to marry me Jacob? You Igbo man, is this how you marry women in you place” I shouted as i tried to free myself from his grip.

He was hurting me and wouldn’t allow me to breath properly. It was just a matter of time before i fainted due to his tight grip and the helpless Melissa on the floor, who was no match for Kenny, couldnt do anything but cry and shout.

I had Given Mr. Tino the address of my apartment. I didn’t know why he was calling me that early morning. I had told him that Jacob would be there the previous night.
Perhaps he was calling to know if he was there but apparently he called at a very wrong time.
I was sure he heard our voices on the phone and if he still remembered the address of the apartment, he would find his way there but i wasn’t sure.

Like i suspected, i eventually got tired and collapsed in his arms. He knew there was nothing else i could do. He had deliberately worn me out and after pushing me to the chair, he stood in front of me and picked up my phone.

“You are going to leave every man from now. Who is Mr. Tino?” he asked.

I kept quiet.

I didn’t expect it but the slap hit my right cheek without warning.

“If you dont answer my next question, i will teach you a lesson now” He shouted at the same time i was collapsing on the chair.

I was tired to cry, so i just fell on the chair and my eyes started turning.

“So you people came here to kill us? God will judge two of you. Shameless men, look at what you are doing to women” Melissa was barking From the floor.

Then i thought i heard my phone ringing again. It sounded like it was ringing in the dream, it must have been from dizziness resulting from the slap i had received from the Useless Igbo Man.

Jacob had picked it and was asking the caller who he was. His voice was high and that must have angered whoever it was on the phone.

Jacob continued.
“Who are you?” pause.

“If you dont talk, devil will punish you” Pause.

“I am asking who you are and you are telling me to calm down, white boy” pause.

“Look dont ever call this phone again” that was all from Jacob as i watched helplessly.

White boy, he must have detected a foreign accent. It must have been Tino calling.

I didn’t hear what the caller was saying but Jacob was shouting at the phone.

Then like a flash, i heard the bang on the door.

Help had arrived finally.

Everywhere just remained quiet instantly.

The bastard bully known as Jacob had suddenly placed a finger on his lips, warning us not to say a word.

You are attempting to kill us and yet you asked us to remain quiet.

‘Help! Help!!’ that was Melissa from the floor.

I wasn’t strong enough to shout.

Kenny kicked her on the floor and demanded that she shut up.

Jacob had suddenly realised the danger he was in and had dashed into the room.

Two seconds later, he was out in the sitting room with all his clothes.

While wearing them as fast as he could, he instructed Kenny to do the same.

Melissa was reeling like an earthworm on the floor and was vomiting.

The bang on the door had happened twice more and since non of us could get up from the floor, the men refused to say a word or open the door.

Unfortunately, there was no way out for the bastards except through the door. The apartment was on ground floor but the windows were bared with metal bars.

“Open the door please” a soft female voice said.

It wasn’t that of Mr. Tino, it was a voice of a woman.
Apparently she was a neighbour who had heard some strange noises in our apartment and had come to verify what was happening. It seemed the bastard were going to escape afterall.

I sat and cried on the chair while Jacob and Kenny struggled to fit into their clothes as fast as they could.
Jacob was issuing warnings and threats about what he was going to do to me next.

“You are finished in Italy. Your boyfriend will come down here soon. You think you can set me up” he was shouting.

They had just finished dressing up and was about to go out when it happened, the knock on the door and the same soft female voice asking them to open the door.
Everywhere remained calm again. Melissa who was the town crier was apparently incapacitated and couldnt utter a sound from the floor where she was still vomiting.

One minute later, Jacob walked to the door and looked through the spyhole. It seemed he saw nobody because he instantly motioned on Kenny to follow him as he opened the door.

“Dont Move” The voice shouted.

This time, it wasn’t a female voice, it was that of a man.

It was him.

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  1. Coach

    That Jacob of a man is a useless fellow. I pray the owner of the male voice is actually Tino. Nice update Boss.

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