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For Nwadiala Emeka Wogu, the immediate past minister of labour and productivity the activities of Boko Haram in the Northeast had been a serious worry. Given that his infanthood was laced with the severity of the civil war, the bestiality associated with the group was one thing that he did not really want to befall the people of the Northeast.
It was as such no surprise that even before the Federal Government took the decision to frontally combat the group, that Wogu called for frontal action against the pretentious Islamic group.
“What is happening in the North-East now demands full military action against the Boko Haram group. A group that has gone the length of carving out some portion of Nigerian land for itself, and has declared war on our sovereignty,” he had said in an interview with Vanguard asserting that the group should not be treated with kid gloves.

*Chief Emeka Wogu
The former minister was thus gratified this week that the Federal Government had launched a full scale war against the group.
Noting the import of the administration’s action, he had said:
“The ongoing war in the Northeast is undoubtedly a sore point in the nation’s history. Just as Nigeria is making progress in its economy and has been certified as Africa’s biggest economy, Boko Haram surfaced to test the capacity and content of the Nigerian leadership. The challenge of the insurgency is one that no Nigerian leader has ever had to confront.”
“Despite the multifarious distractions, nearly all Nigerians across tribe and tongue can now confidently assert that the Nigerian military is now roasting the insurgents after taking the war to them.”
“This is something I had consistently called for and I salute the gallantry of the Nigerian military and praise our men and women in uniform for the sacrifices that they are making for the unity of the nation.”
“This is, however, no opportunity for Nigerians to waver in the resolute determination that we have shown towards uprooting this ugly evil from our land.”
“Despite scepticism in some entrenched quarters, President Goodluck Jonathan has ably marshalled our forces in this critical effort to uproot the evil in our land and I enjoin Nigerians all over not to lose faith in the leadership.”
Wogu is, however, concerned about what the effects of politics may have on the war in the Northeast and would want the country to remain resolute in rallying round President Goodluck Jonathan in the continuing war.
“This is no time for us pander to political, religious or ethnic sentiments that will distract us from the compelling objective of bringing liberty to every inch of the land.
Other nations faced with similar circumstances as we are now facing refused to be distracted and kept faith with their leaders.”
“Britain held on to Winston Churchill, America held on to Franklin Roosevelt, Nigeria even during a military regime held on to Yakubu Gowon.”
“Goodluck Jonathan deserves similar treatment!”

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