Who should the Igbos vote?

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There are many questions now agitating the Igbo nation that require intelligence. Mark you, intelligence does not belong only to those who may have gone through the higher institutions. Some of our Igbo past great men like Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu became the richest man in Nigeria while even residing in the midst of learned individuals.

Suffice it to say that Igbo people, since the last civil war, which ended 45 years ago, have not been fully integrated into the main political system of Nigeria. They have always played at most, second fiddle. This must not continue. There was this track in one of the musical record album of the late Lady of Songs, Christy Essien Igbokwe, MFR, which addressed the Igbos. She urged them to wake up from their slumber. The track is titled, Ndigbo tetenu nula (Igbos Wake up from slumber).

One wonders why the past and present Ohanaeze-Ndigbo has not chosen the track as its anthem. In the track, she admonished the Igbos to wake up from their slumber and hearken to her call as she brought them good news. She reminded them that they all came from the same root; insisting that what has brought Igbos to the present situation includes back-biting and other related vices. She urged them to always have a united focus. She philosophically told them that when one is down does not mean the end of life because God has the ultimate power. That track is worthy of keeps by every Igbo person and for posterity.

Now going to which of the two (Buhari or Jonathan) would serve the Igbos better; better in the sense of nearing the presidency of this great country, Nigeria. From observations, it is only when it benefitted President Goodluck Jonathan that he tells the Igbos that his names also includes ‘Azikiwe.’ Many Igbos are also not aware that even the name ‘Ebele’ in Goodluck Jonathan which sounds Igbo, is actually an Ijaw name ‘Ebelemo,’ which was shortened to ‘Ebele’. It has no relationship to the Igbo name, Ebele. Again, there is no document of the President that has the name Azikiwe; not even his nationally displayed portraits that adorn public places and offices. He used the name, Azikiwe, for the first time when he was campaigning in 2011 and now that campaign has returned, he has resurrected it; all in order to secure the Igbo votes.

Again, analysing the situation politically, and putting timing in focus, it will be shorter for an Igbo to get to the presidency if someone from the north rather than south takes it now. It is a fact that unless in a divided Nigeria, no Igbo man or woman would become President of Nigeria immediately after Jonathan finishes in 2019. It is not feasible because it definitely must return to the North. In summary and based on equity and fairness, should Jonathan win the March 28, 2015 election; it will take another 12 years before the presidency returns to the South, whereas if a Buhari wins, it will be eight years.

Whenever it returns to the South, equity and fairness considered, an Igbo person stands in a better chance of being the President. So the choice is for the Igbo to make; wait for eight years or twelve years? It is pertinent to recognise that no one section of Nigeria is an island. One needs collaboration with other sections to be a Nigerian President.

It is very glaring that the Igbos would continue to live in delusion listening to a few of our people who, for selfish reasons, are touting Igbo votes for Jonathan instead of Buhari. Finally, Igbo people are very enterprising and intelligent. Igbo persons were slaughtered in the northern pogrom of 1966 and during the civil war, experience reminds us how the minority of the South-South helped in crushing the Igbo aspiration. Igbos forgive easily more than any tribe in the Nigerian nation and this should not be taken for weakness. Food for thought for every Igbo person and like the late Igbokwe said in her song; ‘it is time for unity of mind.’

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  1. I strongly feel that igbo’s have been let down by jonathan.He did not perform any project of note in the south east. Inclusive of airports,railways,electricity,the Niger bridge and federal roads. We (igbo’s) see them as brothers but they think otherwise…seeing us as votes for the next election…as proven during the biafran war
    As a matter of fact,Jonathan’s tenure has caused more harm than good to igbo’s as it has incapacitated thousands of our brothers and sisters in the north due to insurgency. A lot of our people have fled their houses in the north and are now peniless,homeless or jobless as the case may be simply because of jonathan’s weaknesses and limitations.
    I have no doubt that he may be a Good man,but what Nigeria needs now is action…Buhari would give that
    Also remember that it is a general knowledge in Nigeria that the second tenure is the ‘choping money’ tenure as it is seen as a means to ‘recover’ resources spent during elections

    Nigeria needs change..we must take it by force..change does not come by hoping

    #up you boss#

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