What He Said.

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This is what I got from a Whatsapp user.

“Zuby, how are you able to be writing two different stories simultaneously and still claim to be a business man?
I have searched all over the Internet to see if you are copying this stories from somewhere but I never see anything related to your write up, nothing!
You are a genius”


My answer.

It has never been easy since i started,  trust me.
But where var I am, I never forget that I am supposed to be writing.
It has been difficult for the people close to me,
I sometimes drift away into writing and forget that people could be around me.

But as long as you keep chasing………….. Yes you.
You will be awed by the immediate incoming episodes.

Let’s hear from you.

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40 Responses

  1. I believe u Bro. Carry on

  2. Good

  3. The Truth is that you are trying a lot..

  4. I have personally confirmed that the story was his. From his brain not even from diary. Boss is highly gifted

  5. Bro i what u are doing is what makes u happy. Dnt stop doing what u knw how to do best

  6. Attaboy!
    You got endurance to the core 100%

  7. Nice.

  8. Creative writing is and will always be a gift.More ink to ur pen!

  9. meexteeriox

    Am a living witness to his ability to write, I have witnessed him write and this stories are as true as they come. Boss, LOTR exclusive members hold you in very high regard always.

  10. Truth be told, YOU OZOIGBONDU are GIFTED.

    You never wrote date and times of events somewhere, yet you are able to remember almost all the details(I believe not all the time and dates are 100% correct, komputar ni o ni? lolz).

    Good job Boss. That’s why we all call you Boss, because you are indeed GIFTED.

    May God Preserves Your Life. Amen.

    God Be With You.

    Life Is Good.


  11. But boss there are other ways to make globalruns as big as anything one can think of…take for example nairaland, linda ikeji, naijaloaded and many more sites. U can brings latest news on politics, entertainment, sports….were we can comment and have fun…..PLS BOSS ZUBY THINK ABOUT DIS…I WANT TO SEE GLOBALRUNS AS BIG AS NAIRALAND AND LINDA’S BLOG

  12. Azubuike. Great guy 🙂

  13. You are a genius. no doubt about that

  14. doffing my hat for you. I never once doubted the story. you are indeed gifted.

  15. My thought is that, i seems to beleive the authenticity of the story to come from you but sometime i rethink it to be undilute fiction.

    Every man has a story to tell,sometime i am moved to start writting my true life story especial the electioniaring and adventuring part.

    Zuby you are doing a great job here but i suggest you bring back the guest writters section with a new and different story.

    Zuby please add me in the whatsapp group channel let me run with others.

  16. One word for his IQ ‘MAGNIFICENT’

  17. I envy your Mother, you are just gifted. The great Ozoigbondu( not sure of the spelling)

  18. The guy is just exceptional.
    fiction or not.
    It’s very good, laden with enough recipe of suspense
    You are just impressive.
    and mentally super sound

  19. miss salome

    Yes it really affects people close to you…… U are a genius my role model

  20. Always a great thinker and weaver of stories, I never doubted you for one day based on the way you carry everybody along.

    Keep running boss

  21. Ur ingenuity is worthy of emulation.

  22. A great writer yu are really.Sometimes,i wonder how yu are able to place the times of the events precisely.Or so yu use to write them down those days?? I’m impressed really…Keep it coming. Yu’re good in what yu are doing.
    I’m enjoying and learning greatly as well.

  23. osahon osemwengie

    Zuby,You are good

  24. As for me, I don’t really understand you. You are an exceptional brilliant person, my conclusion about you.

  25. Great one by our pilot

  26. Zubby nwannem, you are too much. May you live long

  27. Ad astra per aspera. Zuby is an inspiration to lots of people in several endeavours of life, he showed us anoda dimension of life being hidden 4rm us by our brains and by people. When I started reading his stories, I thought he was dumb and brain-retarded but I later realised I was d dumb one. More grease to ur elbow Zuby

  28. All i can say is thanks boss

  29. He’s the boss, he’ll always be! (˘⌣˘)

  30. my sugestions, creat a global match app where pple can find their date on globalruns. . .more fun boss!

  31. Yes Zuby is magnificient

  32. weldone zuby, you rock!

  33. ride on

  34. we are created for diffrent purpose,yours is to inspire both young and old,male and female alike,the more you keep running we won`t stop following you.

  35. thanks for the time you devote in writing this story

  36. With or without your knowledge,you mentor and inspire me.I aspire to attain your level of reasoning,thinking and understanding.

  37. 加油 !

  38. Am so happy that i know you way back from SSC, God bless u boss

  39. brother you too much

  40. Love d way u write wit precision.. U must b 4rm a different planet

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