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  1. *whew* ΐτ̅’s difficult, I must confess ‘cos you’re giving no clue as to ΨђåƮ happened to them. Well, I choose to believe you didn’t sleep with any of them but maybe called Maria and linda got to know the soup she’s in! *waiting*

  2. Uncanny Genius

    You killed two birds with a stone or you turned them against each other.

  3. papoo Owoh

    Dem don beat Spain ooooo Choi money enter bush

  4. Manshyne

    You’ll simply tell Adisa’s wife that Linda was the reason why Adisa is in jail. It was linda who sent Adisa and Precious’ madam (Adesuwa) to kidnap Maria her friend. So when she heard that they’ve been caught, she ran and came into hiding in the that small town in Sicily so as to avoid the police and at the same time not to pay for the kidnapping job done for her by Adisa. GBAM!

  5. You collected their purse (money) and left them stranded @ the island.

  6. ah

  7. You are a wicked fellow and u always go extreme when it comes to pay back though they say pay back is a bitch
    Therefore it’s difficult to guess what you will do but however, you know police are looking for you (though it won’t be the ist time) so I think the punishment might not be criminal but it might hurt both if them

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