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Thanks for the Wonderful get-well-soon wishes.
I am fine now and ready to go. For those i didn’t answer their calls, i apologize but i was told not to by a cute nurse. I obeyed not because anything would happen but because it would be bad to lose her out of disobedience.

The Season 8 project is already going on; although at a slow pace. We will kick off at exactly 09:09 on Thursday May 1, 2014. As always, it will be another blockbuster full of twists, intelligence and counter intelligence, tactics, strategies, actions, suspense and near death escapes.

We will start with two Episodes per day until I am strong and chanced enough to write three or more episodes per day.
We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Meanwhile it has been a while since our fans contributed data for this project. I believe we agreed on it and was the reason why i didn’t lock it up as i was adviced by some fans.
It means that whatever MTN recharge card you can afford is welcomed.
It will help us stay online and respond to your replies on each topic and we also plan to return to image downloads to beautify the Episodes. Android consumes data like hell.

“No single human being hates to receive credit alerts on his or her account, even our own Dangote”. Hahahahaha.

The Global Runs phone number remains 08162894984.

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22 Responses

  1. Season 8 here we come.

    Will sms you.

  2. Papoo Owoh

    Get well soon boss

  3. we will make u receive alerts.. cheers.

  4. You are covered!

  5. jerryidoko

    Welcome back

  6. SF-oluLESHIE

    We nor want ferrari we nor want designer we say na update oh

  7. emmysoftyou

    ok zubby,yu ve try,infact more dan try,tanx bro,i realy appreciate,and i really love wat yu re doing by keepin us on no dulling,no slowing,and no waiting, tanx

  8. Anonymous

    Welcome back bro. So happy to have you back. We thank God for his good health to you. Ride on,

  9. Welcome back bro. So happy to have you back. We thank God for his good health to you. Ride on,

  10. Welcome back bro.

  11. Android consumes
    data like hell………. my own dey carry pipe dey suck my data commot

  12. Zacchaeus

    Glad to have you back our chief runner. Please do stay away from what allegedly caused your illness.

  13. Preparing to PORT from my current network provider to another for sweeter surfing …porting loading… 5%

  14. Oko-omoge

    @zuby, have started the process of publishing your crime fiction novel?

  15. can not wait for season 8 to start

  16. Ozoigbodu,even nurse??? Kai nawa ooo.

  17. I really commend ur effort in keeping us ur fans entertaind. It has been a long run from season 1 down to 7 now abt to start season 8. And despite the marathon run i neva felt weary nor tired of running. Thanks…

  18. Nice story zubby funny tho it seems you are telling the story of my life minus antagonizing the madams. Was at grandcafe on that osuofia nite too.An amsterdam burger here but living in nigeria now. Thumbs up bro

  19. meexteeriox

    Greetings to u my chief runner. Am geared up for d running as usual. Will sms ASAP…..no dulling.

  20. horlabiyi

    Welcome bro. Hope you feel better

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