Warning! Pastors who claim Ebola “cure” could be fraudsters

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Lagos – Lagos State Government has warned the
public to be wary of some pastors who claim to
have cure for the dreaded Ebola virus.
Commissioner for Information and Strategy,
Aderemi Ibirogba, specifically advised the
citizenry to be wary of the activities of alleged
fraudsters who were reportedly making spurious
claims about their ability to provide cure for the
deadly virus.
He called on those who wanted to rip the
members of the public to desist from such
claims of cure or risk arrest and prosecution.
“Only medical solutions are known to be
appropriate for the disease,” said Ibirogba.
He meanwhile urged residents to always contact
health providers to report unusual feelings
noticed instead of patronising fraudulent pastors.
The commissioners also cautioned the people to
desist from sending panicky text messages
round about the Ebola disease that could
heighten tensions and create anxiety.
There is no specific treatment for the virus.
Efforts to help persons who are infected include
giving them either oral rehydration therapy or
intravenous fluids. The disease has a high death
rate: often between 50 percent and 90 percent of
those who are infected with the virus.
Last week, the World Health Organization
reported more than 1 200 confirmed cases
including 672 deaths since the epidemic began
in March in West Africa.
– CAJ News

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