UPDATE: Maiduguri is Under Partial Attack!

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We are receiving disturbing reports that Boko Haram armies are headed for Maiduguri, capital of Borno state.

A message from a security officer read “Salam.We just got a report that Book haram will strike Maiduguri tonight. Pls wake up n pray with ur family now. May Allah save us all.”

In the early hours of Saturday, Boko Haram terrorists erased Kambari village, killing 15 citizens and the village head.

Kambari village is just 5 kilometers from Maiduguri. The terrorists are believed to be possibly headed to the capital via this route after the many unsuccessful attempts via Konduga. The terrorists made several unsuccessful attempts on the capital which were thwarted in fierce combats by the Nigerian army and Civilian JTF at Konduga. In one such attack, a Boko Haram leader, “Shekau” double was killed by the Nigerian army.

Nigeria’s president just concluded a visit to Maiduguri in which he had hundreds of soldiers deployed for his protection. It is hoped that these soldiers are still in the capital and will be part of the defense against Boko Haram’s invasion.

Distressingly, Boko Haram burned down the Kambari village while hundreds of troops were stationed in the capital to secure the president of Nigeria’s re-election campaign barely 5 kilometers away.

The terrorists amassed serious weapons, armored tanks and personnel carriers and communications equipment in their successful raid on Bama barracks early January in an attack that saw them kill over 2500 defenseless civilians.

The terrorists have visibly been more aggressive ahead of the February elections. It is perceived that they are eager to make as much gains as they can before a change in administration to a General Buhari government that is expected to be intolerable of their carnage.

Our calls to corroborate this information rang out.
More as we get it…


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