Me: what da fuck, you a virgin?
Lizzy: uhummm, (she shook her head like agama lizard, still ontop me).
Me: why didnt you tell me?
Lizzy: what difference will it make?.
Waoh i was dumbfounded that i push her slowly from my body and situp, put my two hands on my head as if i wan die,.
Me: what were we even saying just now?
Lizzy: nothing,
Me: oh yeah, i pray is nothing,
Lizzy: are you feeling bad?
She came closer and put her hands round my neck.
Me: i dont know, i just dont know but something just dont feel right.
Lizzy: why will something be right when you just disvirgin me, or will i regret it?
Me: i didnt say so.
Lizzy: then what do you mean something dosnt feel right.
I look at her, then i continue starring at the ground, she stood up, took her clothes from the ground and wear them, she took her phone and hed to the door.
Me: where are you going?
She didnt reply, she just open the door to my room and enter parlour, she open our main door and dissappear,.
Waoh did i do anything wrong? I was only thinking, why will she take it personal, na wa for some girls oh, the way them they behave sometimes dey vex me.
I check time twelve don dey nack so i gotup and prepare for school, after nodding my herikoko beroko (shoe) i lock my house and enter road to school, on my way i remember corper, oooooh me i nor fit wait joor, make i just enter school go rest joor i nor get joy as i dey hear, as i they so even if soldier come i fit slap am.
I bounce enter school like mr bean, i hed to the office direct, everywhere they quiet people they class they learn, see as them small, na wa oh.
I enter the exam officer office and i saw a lady there.
Me: good evening mam.
Lady: yes, who are you and how can we help you.
Me: errrm ma, am Ozila and am here to collect my scholarship award.
Mam: you win?
Me: yes ma.
Mam: whats your full name?
Me: Akhigbe Oziegbe.
She screw through some book, then she check my name and then bring out some book.
Mam: write your name here.
Me: okay mam.
I wrote down my name then sign.
Mam: come to school tommorrow to take passport and come with your SS2 result.
Me: okay ma, is that all?
Mam: yes you can go, and this your bear bear shave it.
Me: okay thanks ma.
Waoh that was simple i thought as i left the office, i think say the exam officer na man, but why this lady come they answer me na?, question to be answered another day.
i wan follow where i pass come but that place is too far and thats where those two bad guys block me the other day, so i decided to follow the farm road home at least this place is closer, even though na bush.
I divert to the farm road and walk in silence, everywhere was quiet, i get to one junction and i saw some girls (student) plucking mango, i greeted them and continue walking not minding them starring at me, of course i know them but i just bone.
I continue walking in silence when suddenly i heard a noise at my right hand, e be like say na dog they there, i stop and look at the area in the bush were i heard the noise, i saw nothing there so i continue moving like umaga wey nothing they shake, after walking like ten step i heard the noise again this time from my left, i stop and ask.
Me: who be that?
Nobody answer, so i continue walking faster this time looking at my shoulders, then i look back and saw something following me inside the bush, i didnt see the thing cause of the bush, so i started running, and the bush started pursueing me, oh boy na wetin dey happen, i pinch myself and i feel the pain, so no be dream i they, i fasten my footsep and bush fasten its own too, the thing they follow me like wind, what might that be cus i’ve never heard of running bush before, i believe somthing is inside the bush maybe leopard or dog wey just born (na them they wicked pass), i dont care to know all i want is to get out of this bush, i continue running and the invisible thing continue running after me, then suddenly the worse happen, i was looking back to see if the thing is getting nearer then i mistakenly kick my leg on a tree branch, i fell heavily on the ground hitting my mouth on the ground also, the thing didnt stop cus the way e they come with speed no be here oh, i tried to stand up but the thing is already close as the thing want enter me i turn my face sideways and close my eyes.

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