Me: you go get chance tomorrow?
Varth: wetin happen tomorrow.
Me: i wan make we go somewhere.
Varth: no be me and you, bye bye.
He cut the call, you go blame am? thank God self im no remember wetin happen, because im for no fit sleep, i got up and clean myself up, i go outside go bye indomie wey i go chop, i reach outside i met corper and carpenter, the CC duos discussing, and guess what they are discussing about girls.
Corper: Oz how far
Carpenter: ozies ozies, big boy.
Me: una good morning.
Corper: na where you go last night wey your mama dey look for you?
Me: na store i dey na.
Carpenter: na why you nor come tell your mama say you they store?
Me: my phone flat, corper you nor go school today (trying to divert the topic)
Corper: na later in the afternoon i go go,
Me: why wetin happen?
Corper: today na corper’s day, so na if i like i go go.
Carpenter: abeg no go joor, na today be ur free day.
Corper: i suppose no go but i get wetin i wan go do for school, ehen Oz, i hear say you join people wey them give scholarship.
Me: yes oh, na im i wan go school go carry self.
Carpenter: hia them give you scholarship and you no even bother to bear us.
Corper: no mind am na fuckup guy.
Me: na today i hear am na, time still they na abi.
Carp: eeeh yes that means we go celebrate am today.
Corp: na sure matter na, wetin you wan go buy?
Me: i wan buy indomie make i cook go school go carry my money.
Corper: mumu u think say them go give you the money, na sign you go just sign, anyway wait till afternoon make i come back then we go go together, if we return e get wetin i wan make you do for me.
Me: wetin be that?
Corper: no worry make time reach first, so just wait till afternoon, we go go school together.
Me: you sure say them no go question me so?
Corp: question you for what, exam officer they always they school so anytime na im you fit go.
Me: no problem na, i hope better go dey for wetin i wan do for you oh.
Carp: if better no dey, no do am for am oh.
Corp: of course better they na.
Me: okay make i go buy the indomie first.
I left them there as they continue gossiping about our beautiful landlady’s daughter, but that girl fine sha, na twince she be, her twince na boy and him no dey play with him junior sister, i nor dey go that side sha cus the girl senior me well well, i reach where i go buy the indomie, as i they buy the indomie i saw magdalene, vareeth junior sister coming to buy something.
Mag: good morning brother Oz.
Me: my wife how you they?
Mag: i they fine oh, you nor they come practice again oh.
Me: no mind me joor, abeg i go come carry ur practice book to copy all those song wey i don miss.
Mag: no wahala na, but you go copy am finish today oh cus we get practice today.
Me: no wahala na.
Mag: buy cheese balls for me na.
Me: oyaa carry two na.
She took two cheese balls, chai this girl fine oh, na her talllness i like, she buy wetin she wan buy finish as she they go i dey look her bakasi, that yash go kill person oh, how small girl like that come comple big yash like that.
Seller: na yash go kill you.

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