Me: ma
Seller: no be girl yash you come they look waka waka na, i think say you be good boy before?
Me: no oh, na road i they look oh no be the girl yash oh.
Seller: na you sabi, take your indomie make you they go house.
Na wetin concern her if i they look girl yash or not, all this women self them go they carry fake news waka, i return home, i pass backyard make ogijio the carpenter no see me, i nor get time for him nonsense talk, maybe after my war with indomie i go go sit down with am make we do ameboy small.
I put the indomie for fire, as i put everything finish na im my phone ring, i go parlour go pick am, because i been dey kitchen they cook the indomie since my mummy no cook morning food before she disappear, well na me cause am sha because say i nor sleep for house, i look at the screen, unknown number na who come they call me with unknown number now eeh, make i pick and see, i pick the call i heard a lady’s voice.
Me: hello, na who i dey yarn with?
Lady: so you dont recognise my voice?
Me: sorry i hit my head on the wall just now, so i have small headache, who be this abeg?
Lady: is me ……….
Me: elizabeth.
Lizzy: yeah.
Me: good morning dear.
Lizzy: morning, i’ve been calling you with my other line, why did you refuse to pick.
Me: i was sleeping sorry, i didnt sleep well last night, so i use the morning to cover up.
Lizzy: okay no probs, are you at home?
Me: yes but am going out now.
Lizzy: going where?
Me: am going to school to pick something.
Lizzy: okay, when are you going.
Me: by 12 in the afternoon.
Lizzy: i want to see you and its urgent.
Me: whaat is it about?
Lizzy: is nothing serious, just need someone to talk to now.
(hmmmm me am not going back to that house oh)
Me: i dont know, i will soon go to school, maybe another time.
Lizzy: no i need you now, if you cant come, i will come then.
Me: you cant come to my house now.
Lizzy: why, are you with somebody?
Me: no at all, just that……
Lizzy: am already on my way, get ready to see me in 20 minutes.
Oshe, i don enter am today, after that horrible dream i don they fear her small small even though i still love her because of her beauty, from head to toe she fine so tell me who no go fall for beauty like lizzy.
I got up from parlour and ran to kitchen to check my indomie e be like i dey hear smell of something dey burn, i pray make e no be my indomie oh,
oh my God, see as my indomie don turn shackle, chai e be like doctor need to do surgery for my nose because i no quick hear the smelling, or maybe na because i dey talk to lizzy make me no hear? But na mouth i dey take talk to her na no be nose, so my nose dey free and i suppose hear the odour,.
I was still battling what to chop when suddenly a heavy breeze started blowing, the breeze was scattering nylon papers around, i look around my outside, the dust was too much that i close my door immediately, then later the breeze started cooling down as the breeze calm down i heard a knock on my door, “ko ko ko”.
i was kinda shock, how can i open my door when a heavy breeze just scatter everything outside so u want to tell me say somebody dey waka at the middle of a storm when i couldnt even see anything, unbelievable, i heard the knock again, i didnt want to open because i was afraid, then my phone started ringing, the phone ringing tone even shock me self, i look at the screen and saw the same number lizzy use to call me just now, i pick it up with shaky hands.
Me: hello.
Lizzy: yeah am in front of your door, come and open please.
Waoh, i never remember discribing my house to her so how can she be in my frontage, hiah, or maybe i told her but i forgot, well make i open door for her na.
I walk to the door and open up, oh men, i look her from up to down, chai but God create sha.
She wore black canvass, white leggins, white shite and a black cap with bag.
Me: Jesus
Lizzy: whaat?
Me: you look like an angel.
Lizzy: okay thank you, can i come in now?
Me: oh why not, please come and make yourself comfortable.
She walk in like an angel also, all fear wey i been they fear disappear once, and all i could think of now is lizzy and even the hungry disappear too, she sit at one chair while i continue gazing at her beauty like burning fire.
Lizzy: why are you starring me like that?
Me: am just thinking why god will be so stingy.
Lizzy: how.
Me: because he gave you all the beauty of this world.
Lizzy: hmmmm please can you do me one favor.
Me: anything for you my dear.
Lizzy: stop calling those names.
Me: which name?
Lizzy: the G.O.D and the J.E.S.U.S.
na why she come they spell am na, she nor fit talk am?

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