I was waiting for the thing to hit me but i didnt feel anything so i open my eyes and behold everywhere was as calm as river niger, shuooo na wetin happen just now? abi i don begin they see things, or my head they turn me or what, i stood up from the ground and dust my body i look around from my left to my right, all i hear is the noise of birds flying around.
My mouth is still bleeding, so i enter inside town and branch one side wey them they sell pure water, i buy one five naira and use it to clean my mouth, i enter road and continue my journey, i don enter town now so nothing they happen, when i don they reach main road, i heard somebody called my name from one little house at my left, i look there i didnt see anybody, e be the person they inside house they call me for window, i couldnt see the person because of the green net.
So i continue walking, and almost getting to the tarred road, i heard my name again, i turn back and saw Justina coming out of the house (remember her, ogijio girlfriend sister),
Me: how far, i shouted and walk back to meet her.
Tina: am fine oh, were you dey come from?
I walk to her house, she tie rapper and the rapper make her look sexing, e be like say she nor even wear anything under because her nipples they shout make i grab am, e be like say she be they dress up.
Me: i enter school go sign my scholarship,.
Tina: waoh, congrat, sit down na.
I sat at one bamboo bench under one big tree while she remain standing.
Me: thank you, why you nor go school?
Tina: i cant oh, those people no dey teach us, they just concentrate on the people writting waec (but them be they teach when i enter school na).
Me: okay na that one they important pass na, na only you they house?
Tina: yes, my people go farm, i saw you passing so i called you from my window.
Me: oh so na window u be dey, i look back i nor see anybody.
Tina: yeah you cant, so what happened you said you will visit me..
Me: sorry joor, ogijio wey suppose show me your house they always they busy, but i go dey come well well now since i don know your house.
Tina: no problem, but dont come with empty hand oh.
Me: of course i wont.
Tina: good,
Me: so what are you doing at home now?
Tina: just want to sleep when i saw you.
Me: okay now, let me leave you to sleep, maybe i will return back in the evening.
Tina: okay no problem, take care.
Me: okay tnks.
I got up and she give me three step before she wave me bye bye, i look back and saw her ass shaking as she walk back, waoh fine ass even though e no big, the thing wey they scatter my head about her be say she get boobs like bobizua, wether na milk factory i nor wan know all i know be say i must taste the milk wey they there.
I waka till i enter my house, i relax on my bed and check time, one thirty pm, maybe by three i will go and visit my pastor because the way wey my mind they confuse me now i need couseling from my pastor, like the one wey bush they pursue me, wether na real or na my head they play jumble, me i nor know all i know be say i still they alive,.
I was still thinking when it occured to me that i’ve not called lizzy since she left in anger, i quickly took my small phone, one nokia phone wey get many light for e body they blink like disco light, i like that phone sha, the thing wey fuckup be say no memory card, but the phone is beautiful, some girls they like am well well.
I took the phone and call her number she didnt pick (girls can form), i redial again but still same result okay make we see who go tire na, i continue calling, i call and call and call, she come pick for the seventeen time.
Lizzy: you wan kill my battery abi?
Then i heard a knock on my door
(guess who is that)

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