Me: am really sorry dear, i have not disvirgin (they say this word
dosent exist na true) or deflower a girl before.
Lizzy: hmmm so what do you want me to do now?
“ko ko ko” go
Lizzy: go and answer the person knocking on your door, call me later
when you are done.
She cut the call and i got up and went to check who is on the door.
Me: na who be that?
Unknown: the police, open the door.
Mogbe na wetin police find come our house, i ran inside to see if i
have anything that will implicate me, nothing i could think of so i
went to open the door, as i wanted to pull the handle, then i remember
“the briefcase”
i ran back inside
Police: open the door now
Me: am coming sir let me wear my clothes.
I quickly bring out the case from under bed, na where i go hide this
thing put na, i climb my bed quickly and open one ceiling, i hide the
briefcase inside there, then i clean myself up, too much sweat.
Police: open the door now or we will be force to break it.
I ran to parlour and open the door, i saw two police men and the two
guys (the lawyers) standing on my frontage.
Me: una good afternoon.
Police 1: yeah good afternoon, open the door first let us come inside.
Me: okay sir.
I open the door wide for them to come inside, they came and sat down.
The police introduce themselves and they show me their Id Card.
Police1: so whats your name sir?
Me: am Akhigbe Oziegbe
Police1: where are your parents?
Me: they went to work, am alone.
Police2: then you have to call them because you are coming to the
station with us.
Me: what did i do sir?
Police1: you will know when we get there.
Lawyer1: officer please lets just settle it here, if he co-operate and
give us what is rightfully ours then we can leave him.
Police1: okay good, do you know those men?
Me: yes sir.
Police1: good at least you are cooperating.
Police2: where do you know them from?
Me: well i know them from uanhumi when their car got accident.
Police1: and what happen?
Me: well i try to rescue them from the car, but i ran after i saw
police van, i dont want to be question for what i dont know about.
Lawyer1. No you took something from us and ran away, see we dont have
any problem with you, this case is crucial to us just give us back the
suitcase let the case die.
Police2: let us handle it please, now Mr Oziegbe you see, our plan was
to take u to station for questioning, but since they say we should
settle everything here it will be better for you to cooperate with us,
so tell us the truth young boy did you take any briefcase from the
What you guys expecting me to say, tell them the truth so that i will
be free or i should lie to them and remain in bondage cus as i am now,
if i dont help that poor girl on the video it will hurt me forever,
well shes probably dead what you guys expecting me to do, i better put
a stop to all this.
Me: yes sir i took a suit case from them.
Lawyer2: where is it now?
Me: inside my room, let me bring it.
Police2: oyaa lets go.
I stood up and went inside my room, they follow me, then i climb my
bed, i try to draw the suitcase from the ceiling but i cant, i hold
the handle and pull for where, e be like say great khali hold am
Police1: whats happening?
Me: i cant pull it out.
Police2: leave there let me see.
He climb up and use his hand to search for the case, inside the
ceiling is dark so he didnt know the exact spot i kept it,.
Police2: bring touch for me, and chair.
I enter parlour and carry our chair and one big touch, the police
remove my bed from the place and put the chair there, he climb the
chair and use the touch to search for the case inside the dark
police2: i see it, he said.
Then as he want to pull it out, i dont know what push me, i just go to
where he stand and push the chair with my leg, he fell on the ground
hitting his head on the wall, chai make una come see blood, i stand
for there they wonder wetin happen while the lawyers and the second
police rush the innocent man up, the second police push me to the edge
of the bed and handcuff me on the gate of my window, he was bleeding
badly that the lawyers forget what they came for and rush him out,
they took him inside their car and dissappear, i still didnt know what
happen or what came inside me.
I was wondering what happen, then i heard a car park outside, three
men burst inside my room, .
Police: young man, you are under arrest for assaulting a senior police office

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