Thirty One
i dont want to pick any of their call, i think i need to relax and maybe sleep, all these talk about witch, mermaid they scatter my head, i think i neeed i to talk to somebody, person that can give a good advice, hmmmm na now i dey miss glory, na she dey advice me as if she be my mama, my phone ring again i look at the screen still lizzy, chai abeg make una leave me joor, but whats up about lucy, she say she know me, and she know my great grand pa too, waoh, my mum use to tell us how our Grand pa use to kill tiger with magic, though i dont believe it but i know my mum dont lie,.
Maybe i need to ask my mum about my great grand pa again, i need to know more, and again she said i have three things that the evil spirit need, what might that be? the physical one must be that cassete, but i dont know anything about it, all i could recall is the name of the river, whats the name again? E be like say i don forget, hmmm thank god i wrote it down, i will go and check it later, maybe i will go to that river and see for myself why that cassete is so important maybe varth will follow me, i want money, if the lawyers can give me a little money maybe i will consider giving it to them, i was thinking loudly, when a test enter my phone.
“hello oziegbe, please come to school today to collect your scholarship award so that you will resume school before the exam commence, goodluck.
From EGS”.
Waoh, i think say na so so bad news they follow me waka, at least this one go cheer me up, i called my mum and told her, she was happy for me and advice me to go to school today to collect the award, i was happy but still a little bit sad, i was thinking about the three things lucy talk about, maybe i need to see my pastor, (na bad time we they take remember say we get pastor,)
i will go and see him later in the evening, afterall na good friend we be, anytime him see me na so so football match we they talk about, him na liverpool fans while me be arsenal, i called varth to see how things go for him side.
Me: guy how far na.
Varth: see as you just disturb my sleep.
Me: haa na wa for you oh, you no even think about wetin happen last night.
Varth: na wetin i dey wonder wey sleep enter my eye oh, i reach house enter my room, when i pull my clothes i see yellow substance they commot for my pennnis.
Me: hiah, you don carry gonorhea oh.
Varth: you dey crazze, that one no be sign of gonorhea joor.
Me: okay na sign of HIV.
Varth: guy stop am na, my blockus dey pain, i nor fit use am waka well.
Me: you better go see doctor oh.
Varth: no abeg i nor fit, ask your mum na.
Me: no oh, my mum go think say na me get am, okay no worry i go ask my sister.
Varth: better oh, but come oh wetin happen?
Me: them fucck you na.
Varth: who be them?
Me: you nor remember when you enter river go meet mami water?
Varth: no be me you see, wetin i know say, we hide from those guys under that place wey tipper they park sand, na there i sleep.
Me: mumu thats why i they tell you say you grow pass your sense.
Varth: at least i better pass you wey your sense grow pass you

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