He open my ass wide i was already feeling the tip of his dick on my
ass when light off (thank God oh), everywhere was totally dark, he
bounce out of my body like felele ball trying to buckle his belt, he
quickly took his torchlight phone from his pocket and on the light,
then somebody knock on the door, he wear his trouser very well, then
he took me back to the seat and tie me using his torchlight to assist
himself, then the person knock again,.
Officer: na who they there?
Police: na me sir, you lock the door?
Officer: yes for security reason, wait make i open am.
He move to the door and open it (that was his greatest mistake),
because as he open the door a sharp cuttlass went through his stomach,
i was so so shock, you know that kind shock like electromotive shock
wey them they use revive person for hospital (na wetin them they call
am), i look up and i saw nobody because everywhere was dark inside the
hell hole they put me, as the police officer fall down the touch die
follow am, then i heard somebody walking close to me, the only sound i
hear was the blade he was holding and the reflection of the blade with
blood dripping out of it, wether him they purposely draw the blade for
ground to scare me me i nor know oh but he is doing a great job,
because the sound of the blade alone can kill somebody, i was
shivering seriously in the fact that i cant even stand up because my
legs and hands were tied together by those stupid policemen , as the
person waka meet me, the person drop the cuttlass abi blade, put him
two hands for my lap and said.
Lizzy: hello luv.
Waoh, my heart jump from my heart enter my mouth I was so shock, na
she be the last person wey i expect to see for here, i cant even talk
because i was scared and freezing also.
Lizzy: oops you surprise?
Me: haha how theee hehehell did youu gegegeget in here?, i stammered
Lizzy: lets leave question after we survive this cell.
Seriously? How did she expect us to leave here when many sirens don
they blow for ouside like say na governor they pass I dont know what
to say all of a sudden the light on back, and i was able to see her
face very well, blood stains on her white clothe, i look ground the
blade look like calabash but its shinning.
Lizzy: lets get out of here first.
Worst of all police don surround us already because them don they
shout comeout with your hands on your head, e be like say no be cell
we they oh, i begin they cry for my mind.
Lizzy: seems like we gonna figght our way out.
Me: only you oh
Lizzy: oh good now you can talk,.
She untie me
Me: am not going out there with you because theres no way we can
escape, i said as i stood up from the seat and face her.
Lizzy: with me everything is possible.
Me: then go alone.
Lizzy: then you will spend the rest of your life in prison, who do you
think they will blame for this officer?
I look at the poor man on the ground with pole of blood, i was so
confuse, how did i even manage to push that police man, i dont
Me: they surround us  we cant escape..
Lizzy: just trust me.
Me: me? Trust you? Fuck you.
Lizzy: you already did
Me: i wont ever trust you but i will follow you, how did you even
manage to get in?
Lizzy: like seriously? Pls after we are out.
She took back the calabash cuttlass,.
Lizzy: wait for me here, i will be back in a minute (she talk am like
the way wey terminator they talk am for terminator film), she ran
outside, i wonder around the room, i look at the officer to see if hes
still alive, i check his breath, i think hes dead because no heartbeat
Lizzy: lets go.
She startled me, i follow her from behind as we climb up, wow so na
dungeon those idiot go put me self, i think the officer deserve to
die, we climb up and i was shcok at what i saw, everry poilice men in
that place sleeping like say them drink sleeping medicine.
Me: what did you do to them.
Lizzy: we will discus that when we get home.
We just walk pass them in silence as their siren they shine light for
us, see as them even many wan catch only two people.
Me: am going my home.
Lizzy: dont start again you coming to my house, i think its time i
tell you who you are.
We left the police station i peace.
Me: who am i?
Lizzy: a sacrificial lamb
Me: for who?
Lizzy: for witches and wizard..

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