i was taken to AFZ police station and thrown inside one dirty cell filled with other guys, ha na wa oh, i think say if them arrest person them they fill form, why them come just throw me inside prison na?
I went to one corner and sat down.
Guy1: fine boy wetin you do wey them carry you come here?
I look up from where i was stting down and saw like six hungry prisoner starring at me.
Guy2: see as him body fresh like president pikin.
Guy3: e be like say na them they chop our money,
Guy1: i they talk to you and you they look us abi, you wan die (death go even better pass this one wey i sit down for here)
Me: i nor know them just come my house and arrest, them say i assault their officer.
Guy1: you don die already, no need to even touch you, Guys make una free am, but wetin be your name incase you die make we remember you.
Me: Oziegbe.
Guy2: that your patience go fade today.
Before i they know wetin they happen, two police men open the kpako gate enter inside drag me out like bag of cocoa, they took me to one dark room and tie my hands to a chair, they tear my clothes and shave my bears, them no even mind wether them injure me or not.
Police1: so now that we are here, where do we start from?
Is he asking me question, i dont think say because he went to carry one big planck, na wa oh na dog him want beat, by the way wetin i do? Wetin i know say the police man climb up wan carrry the case, na there i remember reach, he rose the stick up and hit it on my lap, the pain i felt was out of this world, i scream and started crying loudly.
“wetin i do? wetin i do? is it my fault that i want to find the girl?” i was crying and confessing.
Police2: we will talk about the suitcase later, but for now you must receive the pain my colleague receive when you push him to the wall.
” i didnt do anything (i was crying loudly) i didnt do anything” he drop the planck and they took me from the chair and lie me on one big table, they cover my mouth with piece of rag and tie my hand together, the oga walk to one side and carry koboko, when i see it my mind fly, i try to scream but i cant, i was strugggling to free myself when he rose his hand up and started floggin my buttocks with the koboko, very painful i tell you guys, i was crying loudly, chai big boy like me, if say girl they hear i for nor cry because i be big boy for where girls they, lol, they floge me like say na me kidnap president pikin, after them don flog tire, they took me to same sit, when i put my yash for the sit i see fire, they force me down and tie me again removing the pieces of rag from my mouth.
Police1: now lets talk, (like seriusly na which power i wan use talk wey them don carry everything),
police1: what make you to remove the chair he stood on?
I was looking down cus even if they give me two pure water i nor go still fit talk, i seriously need bag of pure water,.
Police2: if him nor want talk, make we arrange am again.
Police1: go buy candle come make we see how e go withstand fire.
Police2: the place far oh.
Police1: we get all day.
Police2: Ok sir
The other police went out leaving the wicked one behind, he look at me raise my head up and said,
Police: you nor want talk abi?
He lose the rope they use to tie me and drag me to the table again, making me to sleep flat facing ground, he tie my hands and my legs, he went to the door and close it very well,
Police1: make we see wether you nor go still talk.
He climb ontop the table and remove the only thing i wear,(my boxer). He hit my yash twice then he bend down, and balance on my back facing my yash, he unbuckle his belt and bring out his natural koboko.
Oh my God wetin him want do?

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