The Sad Truth About Religion

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The Sad Case Of Mubarak Bala: When Lunatics Run The Asylum
Mubarak Bala, I’ve never met him, but an ex-muslim he is, as I learn from mutual friends who speak highly of him. The story to be succinctly put is that Mubarak Bala is declared mentally unstable and then incarcerated in a psychiatric ward because he does not believe in Allah or any other any other fancy sky characters which men insist must exist for other men to be deem morally and mentally fit. A victim of the evil-headed monster, religion he has become, which has preyed on the sanity, lives, and properties of men since time immemorial.

All voices for his freedom has fallen on deaf ears, for he lives in the most religious and ruthlessly corrupt of nations on earth; Nigeria. I share the same territory with him likewise the same sentiment tagged malady; atheism, as such, my sympathy for this young man is deep and my anger and irritation for such evil in a place where my habitation lies is beyond the limits of my pen.

When I began debunking my childhood beliefs and defaecating it’s final remains, I was tagged mentally unstable by acquaintances and strangers alike. “How can you say God does not exist? You are mad! You need help!” They declared. Soon afterwards when the cheap prognosis couldn’t do no good, they graduated to “You’re the anti-christ”, “You’re possessed”, “You’re working for satan”, etc. Again after that one became over the hill, they coughed out a new one which I am currently dabbling with: “Keep your believes to yourself and let us believe what we want to believe”. Not too eager to declare my safety in the hands of my social doctors and arbiters, but unlike my brother Mubarak Bala, I was excused with the indulgence of exercising my “madness”.

Mubarak Bala unlike me may not be lucky to be in the same environment like me or afforded the same freedom as I did. Unlike me, he is an Islam apostate and we all know that one is more likely to be killed by a muslim for debunking Islam than to be knocked down by car on the Highway. Mubarak is a victim and nobody cares because he is an atheist and of course living in the most religiously ruthless nation on earth.

Nobody cares because it is not tagged a boko haram attack. Perhaps it is when 276 girls are abducted that people begin to know what is evil. They do not know that abducting the sanity of man and legitimately putting him in incarceration because of his harmless sentiments is greater an evil than the former. Those terrorists who abducted the 276 girls do so to correct what they deem as insanity; their belief in a ruthless attempt to replace in the minds of the abducted girls and others their perceived sanity. But obviously they think not so because the abductors of Mubarak wear not a mask and hold no guns. But what do the abductors of Mubarak Bala and Boko Haram have in common?

-They both abduct a free man
-They do so without his permission
-They deny the aducted contacts with outsiders
– They think they are right
– Above all, they believe in God and probably do it out of the love of God. However, the love of this their sky character is above the love of a real human even if it means to destroy another human to glorify their imaginary sky character, they will do it with ease as they have done to Mubarak Bala. The truth is, the abductors of Mubarak Bala, like Boko Haram and other terrorists need the confinement of the psychiatric ward and the denial of robust inhabitation with fellow humans more than Mubarak and the Chibok girls. They are the real mad people who need the psychiatrists and of course a date with the law. But in this case, the lunatics are ones running the asylum, who is safe?

Those who keep silent over such turpitude and perhaps find it perssimable or look away whispering silently in their hearts “afterall is an atheist”, “What is my business? “He is no friend of mine”. One day it can come to you, because when you should not consider yourself safe if you live in a world where people deem it comfortable to incarcerate a man because he does no

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